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15-51-01: Universal machine


Manufacturer: Stephan-Combicut, Type: TC/SK 300

Universal machine - Type - TC/SK 300


Universal horizontal cutter / melter/ cooker under vacuum.  The main product bowl and cover is double jacketed for cooling or heating. Main bowl has 4 built in ports for injecting steam directly into the bowl.  Water dosing system with water meter, vacuum connection with separting tank and deaeration  valve. PT-100 sensor in the bowl. With hydraulic unit for slide opening top and bottom, with lubrication system.  The main lid has 2 clamps manual tightening and a hopper on the top inlet.  2 agitators: 1 scraper agitator (25rpm) and 1 mixer / homogenize knife, main motor with brake 40/60 kW, 1500-3000 rpm. Included movable outfeed trolley (volume +/- 280 ltr) with positive lobe pump. (Fristam FKF40/45, 4 Kw. 6000ltr/h) and Cip centrifugal Pump (1.5Kw). Pressure in bowl vacuum up to + 0.3bar overpressure, max temp: 130°C.Unit can be used to make processed and analogue cheeses. Excluded vacuum pump, steam filter, elevator. Included Control cabinet and documentation.


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Offertenummer 15-51-01
Aantal stuks 1
Omschrijving machine Universal machine
Merk Stephan-Combicut
Type TC/SK 300
Capaciteit 300 ltr (200 ltr/ batch)
Bouwjaar 1981
Serienummer 31447
Vermogen 76 Kw, 380 V, 50 hz
Gewicht ± 3.900 kg
Conditie Good
Afmetingen (LxBxH) 4,40 x 1,28 x 2,37 mtr + 1,50 x 0.80 x 2,20 mtr
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands
This machine has already been sold. Are you looking for a similar machine? Click here.

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