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16-37-02: Vacuum Deaerator

Manufacturer: Pumps Alfa Laval and SIHI, Type: SCPP2/030 / LKH-10/146 / LEMA 26 A2

Vacuum Deaerator - Type - SCPP2/030 / LKH-10/146 / LEMA 26 A2


Vacuum deaerator unit for liquid products. Equipped with 1 propeller agitator (2.2Kw,  0-960rpm) and a rotating distribution disk at product infeed on top, manhole and 2 sight glasses. Including: Vacuum pump Sihi, (type: LEMA 26 A2), product discharge lobe pump, Alfa Laval (type: SCPP2/030 - Outfeed pump 4.8Kw, 380rpm, is nomimal 5.000ltr/h at 50hz) and Cip return pump, Alfa Laval (type: LKH-10/146 DMS 4 kW). Including condenser for flavor recovery, valves and interconnecting piping. Controls: PLC Siemens S7, touch screen HMI, frequency converters on pumps, agitator, distributor. No Documentation.


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Offer number 16-37-02
Quantity 1
Description Vacuum Deaerator
Manufacturer Pumps Alfa Laval and SIHI
Type SCPP2/030 / LKH-10/146 / LEMA 26 A2
Volume ± 2.000 ltr
Year of manufacture 2013, unused
Power ± 13,5 kW
Weight ± 800 kg
Conditions Excellent/Unused
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) ± 3,00 x 2,00 x 4,30 mtr tank inner dia: 58 mm, height: 190 mm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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