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16-46-01: Complete pasteurisation unit with separator, cream cooler and standardisation device

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval, Type: Clip 8 RH / MRPX314 TGV

Complete pasteurisation unit with separator, cream cooler and standardisation device - Type - Clip 8 RH / MRPX314 TGV


Complete SS skid mounted milk pasteurization unit existing of: closed balance tank with automatic level control with level pins, pneumatic valve on inlet. Centrifugal pump Alfa Laval, LKH 10. Electronic flow transmitter E&H and flow regulation valve. Plate heat exchanger, pressure 15 bar. Thermal cycle: 4-75 -> holding - 60°C (to separator) -> 4°C. Holding tube for 40 seconds. Electric panel with: IP54, main switch, PLC Siemens S7, automatic regulation of pasteurization temperature with digital display of real and set temperatures, On/off switches and lights for pumps, temperature recording, automatic fuses, signal lights with alarm bell, contact for feed pump, low temperature safety device activating the flow diversion valve, components: Telemechanic/Schneider. Hot water set, incl. (heating medium steam): steam/hot water heat exchanger, steam regulation valve, water pump and condenstrap, overpressure valve, manometer and temperature indicator. Pneumatic flow diversion valve which opens in case the pasteurization temperature is below the set point. Including all interconnection piping, fittings, valves (Alfa Laval Think-top) and cabling. Sensors: E&H. INCLUDING: Overpressure system with booster pump Alfa Laval LKH 25 (variable speed), pressure measurement and recording, pneumatic counter pressure valve. Pressure and temperature recorder connected to memory stick for digital recording. Controls on Scada system per PC. ( PC not included). Self-cleaning cream separator. PLC control unit, star-delta starter in central electronic panel. Water valves for maneuvering water and cabling for electricity and water. One set of tools. Cream Cooler: Cream 40% fat. The mounted SS skid unit exists of: Balance tank ± 500 ltr executed in stainless steel. Centrifugal pump Alfa Laval LKH 20 Stainless steel plate heat exchanger. 2 sections. Electric controls in central control panel with: ice water regulation valve. Including all interconnection piping with separator, fittings, valves and cabling. Also mounted on the skid: Cream and milk standardization device. Device existing of: counter pressure, 2 x regulation valve, 3 x electronic flowmeters (E&H Promag) for total flow, cream and outflow cream. Electronic controls for valves in central control panel. Working principle:  Known must be % fat incoming milk. Input in controls: Fat % of the milk input/output/cream. Controls fully automatic regulate the flow of cream remixed and out. All interconnecting valves and piping. Documentation, Instruction manuals and flow scheme available. Complete rebuilt and installed in 2008 by Machinehandel Lekkerkerker BV.


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Offertenummer 16-46-01 16-46-01 16-46-01
Aantal stuks 1 1 1
Omschrijving machine Plate pasteuriser Separator Cream cooler
Merk Alfa Laval Alva Laval Alfa Laval
Type Clip 8 RH MRPX314 TGV Clip 8 RH
Capaciteit 15.000 ltr/h 15.000 ltr/h 1.000 - 2.000 ltr/h
Bouwjaar 1997 Unknown 2000
Serienummer 30103-17940 2981983 30101-24843
Vermogen ± 16.5 kW 22 kW ± 5.5 kW
Gewicht ± 7.700 kg
Conditie Good
Afmetingen (LxBxH) 4,50 x 1,60 x 3,60 mtr + 2,50 x 1,25 x 2,30 mtr
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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