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17-22-02: Vacuum Deaerator

Manufacturer: GEA Tuchenhagen, Type: Deaerator

Vacuum Deaerator - Type - Deaerator


Vacuum deaerator system that removes dissolved or entrained air, prevents oxidation of product and eliminates color and flavor changes. Can be used for liquid products like milk products, fruit juices, soft drinks, etc. Build on a  stainless steel frame work  with, all piping and valves prepared for product and CIP.  System with product spray inlet from the top, single jacketed, manhole in side, vacuum pump (Sihi 3,8KW), manometer,  2 x external tubular condenser (THE) multitube model: VTK109-1,0 (8 bar ice water in jacket)  for condense and flavor recovery with Samson control valve for product infeed. level sensor in vacuum tank and coil.  Stainless steel control panel, remote access panel only no CPU or controls. 17.000 ltr/h last run capacity, wide range of capacity possible estimated 15.000-35.000 ltr/h. No documentation available.


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Offer number 17-22-02
Quantity 1
Description Vacuum Deaerator
Manufacturer GEA Tuchenhagen
Type Deaerator
Volume ± 2800 l
Capacity ± 15.000 - 35.000 ltr/hour
Year of manufacture 2006
Serial number 13947-1
Weight ± 2.200 kg
Conditions Excellent
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) ± 2,50 x 2,10 x 5,05 mtr
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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