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18-23-01: Cooling tunnel for pallets in parts

Manufacturer: Joeler AG Kuehltunnel, Type: Cooling tunnel parts

Cooling tunnel for pallets in parts - Type - Cooling tunnel parts


Cooling tunnel parts with pallet transporter conveyer belt (3 ss chains). The cooling tunnel is built up in elements. We offer 13 elements which can be connected to build up a cooling tunnel of any multiple length. The conveyor can transport Euro and Block pallets. Each conveyor has a 1.5 kW drive motor. Each evaporator has 4 ventilators, cooling with ammonia. Including all insulated piping and Danfoss control valves for NH3. Units vacuumed for conservation, conversion to cooling by glycol possible. If you buy all elements also in-outfeed doors, turning system and extra cooling blocks are included.


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Offertenummer 18-23-01
Aantal stuks 1
Omschrijving machine Cooling tunnel for pallets in parts
Merk Joeler AG Kuehltunnel
Type Cooling tunnel parts
Capaciteit 1 pallet conveyor with 4 blowers
Bouwjaar 1994
Serienummer 3271
Gewicht ± 1.000 kg/set
Conditie Good
Afmetingen (LxBxH) conveyor length: 4,78 mtr wide: 1.2mtr effective - Cooling block: 3,20 x 1,50 x 2,45 mtr - 13 sets/elements available
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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