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19-05-01: UHT unit

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak - Alfa Laval, Type: Steritube 7 - SHL20A

UHT unit  - Type - Steritube 7 - SHL20A


Complete UHT unit with indirect heating system tubular heat exchanger (type: BSTFM 2*64/7x16-6, pressure up to 35 bar). Holding tube (protein stabiliser) long at 90°C and 137°C for 4 seconds. Including balance tank, product pump (Alfa-laval LKH), water pump (Grundfoss), product and steam valves, sensors (E&H), piping,swingbend panel and 2 stage aseptic homogenizer (can be place upstream or downstream), plate cooler Tetra model: C6, TPMC control panel SattCon 5. Flowchart and part of documentation available.


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Offer number 19-05-01 19-05-01
Quantity 1 1
Description UHT unit Homogeniser aseptic
Manufacturer Tetra Pak Alfa laval
Type VTIS Flex, Steritube 7 SHL20A
Capacity 6.500 ltr/hr
Temperature various options: 4 - 65 (homogeniser) - 95 (holding) – 137(holding) – (option put homogeniser downstream) - 26/6 °C
Product UHT, ESL, Cream, Joghurt, buttermilk
Year of manufacture 1990
Serial number 004585 - 32101-020 unknown
Power ± 67 kW
Weight ± 7.000 kg
Conditions Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) ± 9,0 x 6,0 x 5,5 mtr.
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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