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19-15-01: Pudding, dessert and yoghurt processing and cooling line

Manufacturer: RVS Montfoort / Prominox -Mondomix / Tetra + ABAB / Miromatic - Ampack Ammann , Type: Process tanks - E-50 / CLIP 6-RM / - / KME - KF1/3

Pudding, dessert and yoghurt processing and cooling line  - Type - Process tanks - E-50 / CLIP 6-RM / - / KME - KF1/3


Pudding, desserts and yoghurt processing and cooling line. Final production on 14-05-2019. The standardized and homogenized milk is pumped to the processing line (excluded).The processed is based on batch processing and cooking various pudding types and flavors, aerated (up to 40% overrun) or non-aerated and viscose yoghurts. The total capacity is up to 1.700 ltr/h with pudding and can run continuously. The line exist of: 6x processing tanks (double jacketed for heating and cooling, insulated, slow fence agitator and baffle, sensors), stairs and frame in front of tanks, hot water and cold water circulation system, infeed line to each tank with automatic valves (Mix proof, Tetra with Think top), outfeed line to filling machine, outfeed valves (Pneumatic, Tetra), lobe pump (Waukesha), yoghurt stretcher (Ika), CIP return pump, aeration system (inline) with plate cooler (Tetra Clip 6) and scrape cooler (ABAB), inline fruit mixer, valve manifold (Tetra Unique with Think top), CIP unit with 4 tanks (fully automatic, 2 outgoing lines), cooling tunnel (roller conveyors, ventilators, air coolers by glycol, roller doors, controls and insulated panels), mixer for dry ingredients, mold of the cup and 20x recipes. Whole line including all interconnecting valves, piping, cabling and controls (PLC Hitachi). Instruction manuals and programs available. On request / extra costs can be ordered: transport, rebuilding it at the new site, start up and installation and technological training. 


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Offer number 19-15-01 19-15-01
Quantity 6 2
Description Process tanks Aeration and fruitmixing station
Manufacturer RVS Montfoort / Prominox Mondomix / Tetra + ABAB / Miromatic
Type Process tanks E-50 / CLIP 6-RM / - / KME
Capacity 5x 4.000 / 1x 1.000 ltr 1.700 ltr/h
Product Yoghurt, pudding and aerated products (viscosity suitable for current dosing system), filling temperature between 30 °C & 85 °C
Year of manufacture 5x 2010 / 1x 1999 1999 / 1995
Serial number - / 29752 P12238 / 30102-45439 / 7072/1+2 / -
Power 4/0,88 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz ± 20 kW 380 V, 50 Hz
Weight ± 8.000 kg ± 2.000 kg
Conditions Excellent
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) ± 12 x 3 x 4 mtr ± 5 x 3 x 2 mtr
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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