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19-19-02: Powder Dissolver

Manufacturer: Inoxpa, Inoxpa, Pierre Guerin, Type: Blender, M-440, SM50

Powder Dissolver - Type - Blender, M-440, SM50


Blenders are used to mix solids in liquids (triblender / powderdissolver). Blender 1: 4'' DIN inlet on top, no liquid inlet pipe -  2.5'' DIN outlet. Motor: ± 11 kW (no type shield), impellor size: Ø 150 mm.  Blender 2: Liquid ingredients 2.5'' DIN inlet -  4'' Clamp outlet with pneumatic butterfly valve on powder inlet, clamp connection. Motor: 11 kW - 2930 RPM, impellor size: Ø 160 mm. Blender 3: Liquid ingredients 2'' SMS inlet and outlet, pneumatic butterfly valve on powder hopper connection with clamp. Dissolving screen in housing, Motor: 11 kW, 2920 RPM. All units excluding hopper for powder.


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Offer number 19-19-02 19-19-03 19-19-04
Quantity 1 1 1
Description Powder Dissolver Powder Dissolver Powder Dissolver
Manufacturer Inoxpa Inoxpa Pierre Guerin
Type Blender M-440 SM50
Year of manufacture Unknown Unknown 1995
Serial number Unknown Unknown P5050781
Power 11 Kw 11 Kw 11 Kw
Weight 65.000ltr/8.000kg 65.000ltr/9.000kg 34.000ltr/9.500kg
Conditions Fair Fair Fair
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 0,95x0,45x0,70mtr 1,00x0,60x0,80mtr 1,00x0,40x0,90mt
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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