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19-20-01: Pilot Sterilizer Unit

Manufacturer: APV, Type: MP150 VT 460+

Pilot Sterilizer Unit - Type - MP150  VT 460+


Pilot sterilizer unit by tubular and scraped surface heat exchangers. Designed for viscous products and used on microparticulation of whey protein concentrate (WPC). The unit is equipped with automatic flow control and temperature controls for heating and cooling. Heating indirect by hotwater system. Product is first heated in tubular heat exchanger (25 tubes of 1.96 mtr., inner diameter 9.5 mm) and then 3 cylinders (SSHE) VT+460 with variable speed. 3 x 0.46m²/cylinder = 1.38m² surface. 2 holding tubes insulated. Cooling by 1 cylinder (SSHE) with variable speed (0.46m² surface) by cooling water and tubular (15 tubes x 1.96 mtr x inner diameter 9.5 mm) cooling by ice water. Included balance tank, eccentric screw high pressure product pump, water pumps, steam / control valves and control panel with frequency converters. No documentation.


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Offertenummer 19-20-01
Aantal stuks 1
Omschrijving machine Pilot Sterilizer Unit (Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers)
Merk APV
Type MP150 VT 460+
Capaciteit up to 300 ltr/h depending on product
Product Viscous products
Bouwjaar 2004
Serienummer 630245
Vermogen 14 kW, 380/400 V, 50 Hz
Gewicht ± 1.380 kg
Conditie Excellent
Afmetingen (LxBxH) ± 3,70 x 1,70 x 2,80 mtr
Terms of delivery FCA
Location Netherlands

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