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19-24-01: Powder Dissolver

Manufacturer: Ytron, Type: XC15,00-23V2152

Powder Dissolver  - Type - XC15,00-23V2152


Refurbished inLine powder dissolver. Powders and ingredients with a tendency to clump are efficiently dispersed in a single flow up to a maximum concentration of 40%. The first stage in the reactor head creates a strong under pressure and sucks in the solid phase. After coming into contact with the liquid phase, this premix of the two phases comes against an impact ring where the liquid is absorbed in the powder phase. The homogeneous product is discharged in the second step. With hopper, manual butterflyvalve and flushed seal, no controls.


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Offer number 19-24-01
Quantity 1
Description Powder Dissolver
Manufacturer Ytron
Type XC15,00-23V2152
Capacity 20.000 liters per hour / 7.500kg powder / h
Year of manufacture 1996
Serial number 9604428
Power ± 11/12,5 kW - 50/60 Hz - 2930/3530 rpm - 380-420/440-480 Volt
Weight ± 325 kg
Conditions Excellent
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 1,05 x 0,85 x 1,85 mtr
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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