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19-32-01: Process tanks

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Manufacturer: Aurich Edelstahl Gmbh, Type: Kulturtank

Process tanks - Type - Kulturtank


Double jacketed tank, previously used as culture tank with cooling on the jacket. Material of the tank: SS304. Top driven triple Z-shaped agitator. Insulated side. Halfround  bottom with 4 products in and outlet valves size NW50  with 4 pneumatic aseptic mixproof bottomseat valves (Aseptomag) with position sensor at an outlet height of 55 cm. Including valves to sterilise the outlet valve by steam. Connections for: temperature sensor, 2 x pressure transmitter (E&H, Cerabar), high and low level (E&H Liquiphant). Breather through sterile air filter, overpressure valve. 2 CIP spray bowls. Manhole in top, round, diameter 400 mm. 4 adjustable feet, steam-able sample valve (core missing).


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Offer number 19-32-01
Quantity 1 1 1
Description Process tanks Process tanks Process tanks
Manufacturer Aurich Edelstahl Gmbh
Type Kulturtank
Volume 5.800 ltr 11.700 ltr 11.700 ltr
Year of manufacture 1995 1995 1995
Serial number 1196 1198 1197
Power 2 speed 0.9- 1,8 kW - n2: 17 - 34
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) Ø 1,80 x 4,40 mtr Ø 2,50 x 4,75 mtr Ø 2,50 x 4,75 mtr
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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