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19-43-02: CIP Unit

Manufacturer: Imoco , Type: CIP set

CIP Unit  - Type - CIP set


Complete automatic CIP unit existing out of 4 vertical tanks. Pre-rinse water, lye tank (concentration 0,5 – 1 %, 85°C). After rinse water tank and neutralization (sewer) tank. Lye tank and after rinse water tank are cylindrical and insulated on side and bottom. 3 tanks with level sensors.  Heating, mixing and bring to concentration of lye tank by circulation over a plate heat exchanger (make: Schmidt, steam 210 kg/h,  capacity 1.500 l water from 11°C to 85°C in 15 minutes), circulation pump 25 m³/h and lye dosing pump. One outgoing line, CIP + pump (20 m³/h at 7 bar) , flowtransmitter, pressure indicator, piping, butterfly valves (Kieselmann), injection system for acid/sterilant on outgoing line. The neutralization and pre-rinse  tank are currently interconnected  to have 4.600 l clean pre-rinse water totally. Flowchart and documentation available. No controls. 


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Offer number 19-43-02
Description CIP Unit
Manufacturer Imoco
Type CIP set
Capacity 4 x 2300 liter
Year of manufacture 2001
Serial number 00646B2/B5
Weight 4000 kg
Conditions Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 650 x 250 x 280 cm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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