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19-44-01: Thermoforming vacuum packer

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Manufacturer: GEA, Type: Powerpack

Thermoforming vacuum packer  - Type - Powerpack


Stainless steel thermoforming machine, with preheating station, heating and forming station, sealing station, with special suction nozzles to create vacuum for hot fill product 65°C.  Shape cutting system, waste rewinder and out feed conveyor 90 degree angle. 1 vacuum pump make: Busch. Stroke: approx. 600 mm. Block shape dosed into packer, 2x. Including big volume of new foil, value of foil: approx. EUR 60.000,-. Bottom foil: approx: 87 rolls of bottom foil. Width 416 mm / 240 mµ approx: 1.780 m/roll, 186 kg/roll. 454 rolls of top foil 30.8 kg each width: 405 mm /185 mµ approx: 400 m / roll 30 kg / roll. Color: blue. Supplier: Buergofol GmbH (Germany). Control panel with PLC (Siemens S7-200) and frequency converter. Including manuals and documentation. 


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Offer number 19-44-01
Description Thermoforming vacuum packer
Manufacturer GEA
Type Powerpack
Capacity 250 vacuum packs per hour
Dimensions packaging 280x360 mm. 10 kg
Year of manufacture 2013
Serial number 24100101
Weight 5.000 kg
Conditions Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 10 m x 1 m x 2 m
Terms of delivery FCA
Location Belgium

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