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19-46-02: Cup filling, sealing and packaging line

Manufacturer: Ampack Ammann, Type: AA4-95

Cup filling, sealing and packaging line   - Type - AA4-95


Complete line for packaging yoghurt or other liquid products existing of a lineair 4-line cupfilling and sealing machine, cup size: round 95 mm diameter, with destacking, predoser for fruit, servo driven eccentric pumps, for different types and viscosities of fruit, dosing range 150-500ml , maindoser piston doser, 150-500 ml, both dosers CIP cleanalbe, sealdispensing, sealing, seal check, snapcap, outlet conveyor, air decontamination by a detergent injection in the sterile air. Including control panel.  Separate full automatic packer pick and place 2 x 3 = 6 cups per tray.  Inkjet, manufacturer: Domino,  model: C6000. Tray erector, Ampack Ammann. Tray stacker to put 3-5 trays on eachother, make: Gasti. Type: KS12. Including turntable for manual packaging to run without automatic packer and sterile air preparation and blow device. The line is in working condition, test runs can be made on request at any time. 


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Offer number 19-46-02 19-46-02 19-46-02
Description Cupfiller Packer Tray erector
Manufacturer Ampack Ammann Gasti Ampack-Amman
Type AA4-95 BE75/2 SH
Capacity up to 8.000 cups per hour
Dimensions packaging 95mm diameter , 150-500ml
Year of manufacture 1982
Year of reconditioning 2006
Serial number 278 A78.246B
Power 3 x 380V, 50A, 36 kW, Hz 50 380 V - kW128
Weight 6.000 kg
Conditions Excellent
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 13655 x 4614 x 3275,9 mm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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