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20-02-02: Lab CIP Unit

Under contract

Manufacturer: Vandecappelle, Type: CIP Unit

Lab CIP Unit  - Type - CIP Unit


Complete skid mounted lab scale CIP system with 1 outgoing line (¾'' connection). Unit exist out of: stainless steel mobile frame, 3 tanks of 45 liter (Brand Coelho from France, specifications tank 1: elektric heated and insulated for lye, tank 2 single wall usable for disinfection and tank 3: insulated and usable for additive). 3 ProMinent dosing pumps for lye, desinfection and additive with suction beam for sucking cleaning product out of a drum (GALA0413PPE200UA001000, 12,3 ltr/h each, pressure 4 bar), centrifugal pump (APV, W+22/20 135) and manual butterfly valves and control panel with frequency converter for the main pump. On press line: temperature sensor. On return line: conductivity sensor, temperature sensor and flowswitch. 


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Offer number 20-02-02
Description Lab CIP Unit
Manufacturer Vandecappelle
Type CIP Unit
Capacity 25.000 liter per hour
Year of manufacture 2003
Serial number 03/295
Power 3 x 400 V, 20 A, 50 Hz
Weight +- 500 kg
Conditions Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 110 x 210 x 170 cm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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