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20-11-02: Quark separator

Manufacturer: Westfalia, Type: KDA30-02-177

Quark separator  - Type - KDA30-02-177


Quark separator, complete with bowl and 12x 0,7 nozzles. CIP cleanable. For the production of (thermo) quark / Greek style yoghurt, labneh etc.. Output end product up to 3.000 kg per hour depending on required dry matter in end product. Outfeed with free flow (no scraper).  Bowl speed: 5.500 rpm. Water cooled with flow switch on cooling water. Including base frame, quark collecting tank with spray bowl to clean CIP. Manual flow regulation valve, manometer and pneumatic counter pressure valve for whey outlet. Tools for maintenance (partly), eccentric screw outfeed pump (5,5 kW - n1: 1445 rpm - n2: 263 rpm), centrifugal CIP pump (Alfa Laval FM), interconnecting piping, valves and hopper. Separate quark plate cooler (Alfa Laval P2-HPBL, 1987, serial number: 151279, volume 42 liter, up to 3.000 kg/h, approx: 43 -> 15°C, 1 section). Manual and electric scheme. Excluding  control panel.


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Offer number 20-11-02
Manufacturer Westfalia
Type KDA30-02-177
Capacity 10.000 liter per hour
Year of manufacture 1979
Serial number 1668 642
Power Motor: 20 kW - 2.910 rpm -37,5A
Weight 1520 kg (separator)
Conditions Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 1620 x 1120 x 1550 mm (separator)
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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