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20-36-01: Vacuum batch emulgator


Manufacturer: FrymaKoruma, Type: MaxxD-700

Vacuum batch emulgator  - Type - MaxxD-700


Vacuum batch emulgator with colloïd mill homogeniser (homogeniser type: D180MRFA). Suitable to produce emulsions and suspensions in a broad range of viscosities such as mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, ketchup, spreads  fillings. The ingrediënts are fed into the tank by vacuum or directly into the homogenizer (2 direct inlet connections on the head). There is a circulation system through the recirculation line from where product is circulated over the emulgator and  vacuumtank. The vacuum tank has a top driven (1,5 kW with Danfoss frequency convertor) special scraper agitator and stand still baffle on the inside to ensures good mixing and supports the transfer of heat when heating or cooling on the jacket. Total volume product zone: 892 ltr. Usuable volume product zone: min 80 - max 500 - 700 ltr (depending on product). Pressure vacuum -1/ambient 0 bar. Material: stainless steel AISI316L. The tank has a double jacket volume: 32 ltr, pressure: 6 bar, max temperature: 190 °C (not connected). The cover is electric tilltable. PT-100 temperature sensor. Max water double jacket requirement: 2,7 m3/h. Inline homogenizer with conical rotor ø 190 - 90 mm. Variable rotor speed with Danfoss frequency convertor 600 - 2.950 rpm, 22 kW. Vacuum pump  1,5 kW. 3 Spraybowls for CIP. Sight glass with light and wiper. Outfeed lobe pump (Gebr. Steimel, PK84-50G, 2003, 2,2 kW). Manual butterfly valves on inlet and outlets. Controls (Siemens S7-300 PLC with Siemens Simatic operation panel on a swingarm). 2 Powder hoppers excluded. Manual available. 


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Offer number 20-36-01
Description Vacuum batch emulgator
Manufacturer FrymaKoruma
Type MaxxD-700
Capacity 700 liter
Year of manufacture 2003
Serial number 100132
Power 400V - 50 Hz - 26 kW - 62 A
Weight ± 1950 kg
Conditions Excellent
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 250 x 280 x 280 cm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands
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