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20-40-01: Bactofuge

Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia, Type: CNE 400-01-777

Bactofuge - Type - CNE 400-01-777


Bactofuge,  self cleaning. Including bowl (machine nr: 1721 031), motor cover, sludge collecting tank 50 Gallon (±200L), 3” outlet triclamp. This machine is adapted in accordance with 3A sanitary standards design which means it is allowed to work in USA and Canada. Equipped with a high speed self-cleaning discharging mechanism which operates without disruption of flow to the machine during small discharge and equipped with “Gea hydro soft” feed system providing hermetic sealing to the feed without the use of mechanical seals. The lower machine frame is made of cast steel and stainless cladded.  The short spindle cartridge is a modular design. The hood is double skinned and water cooled for noise reduction purposes i.e. <80dB (A). Sensors for vibration, bowl speed and lubricating oil flow are integrated into the frame. The bowl is driven by a single flat belt between the motor and spindle cartridge.  The spindle cartridge and bowl is isolated from the lower machine frame by vibration dampening mounts and bushings. The spindle assembly can be quickly changed simplifying the periodic maintenance. Excluding: pneumatic counter pressure valve milk, flowindicator and flow regulation valve for Bactofugat, remix valve, OWM, tools and control panel.


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Offer number 20-40-01
Quantity 1
Manufacturer GEA Westfalia
Type CNE 400-01-777
Capacity 30.000 up to 40.000 ltr / hour
Year of manufacture 2000
Serial number 1721033
Power 45 kW (60hP), 575 V, 60 hz
Conditions Excellent
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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