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20-42-03: 3-Head dosing system

Manufacturer: Van Wijk & Boerma - Verder, Type: VPHC-12

3-Head dosing system  - Type - VPHC-12


3-Head dosing system with stepless control. 3 servo driven eccentric screw pumps (max 1.000 liter per hour). The volume is adjustable by setting the number of rotations of the pump. At the end of the dosing process the screw pump reverse the rotations to prevent dripping (adjustable 'pull back' rotations). The nozzles are externally placed out of the doser allowing the doser to be suitable for a wide range of products from liquid to very viscose products. To change products, only the nozzle has to be adapted, 2 nozzles included. Also suitable for aerated products. A pneumatic by-pass valve is installed to be able to create a higher flow during cleaning. Including closed hopper with spray bowl for CIP and a level sensor. Easy to relocate because it is mounted on a mobile frame. Including Hitachi PLC controls and Uniop 8 touchscreen for all settings and signal exchanger for external start signal. Documentation available.


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Offer number 20-42-03
Description 3-Head dosing system
Manufacturer Van Wijk & Boerma - Verder
Type VPHC-12
Volume Any volume between 50 ml and 10 ltr
Capacity 6.300 strokes per hour
Year of manufacture 2010
Serial number 244146
Conditions Excellent
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 130 x 90 x 230 cm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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