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20-46-01: Complete UHT unit

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak, Type: Steritube

Complete UHT unit  - Type - Steritube


UHT/ESL unit for milk and cream, indirect heating system by tubular heat exchanger (multi tube system). Holding tube at highest temperature 137/145°C for 4 seconds. 6 sections tubular and optional the product can pass through a 1-section plate cooler (A-L M6-base, year 2015) with double (mixproof) plates for ESL milk/cream to cool to approx. 4°C output temperature. UHT milk output at 26°C.  Pressure product: 60 bar and media 16 bar, volume: 851 liter and media: 303 liter. With balance tank, product centrifugal and lobbe pump for cream (Alfa-laval SRU4-055LS). Water pump, product and steam valves, counter pressure valve, steam injector in water system and all interconnecting piping.  Homogeniser connection placed up stream, excluding the homogeniser itself. Excluding documentation, control panel. Including software.


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Offer number 20-46-01
Description Complete UHT unit
Manufacturer Tetra Pak
Type Steritube
Capacity 6.000 liter per hour
Year of manufacture 1991
Serial number 32101-037
Conditions Fair, stil in the dairy
Terms of delivery FCA
Location Switzerland

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