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21-10-01: 3 Whey cream tanks set

Manufacturer: Kuipers – Lascon , Type: Whey cream tanks

3 Whey cream tanks set  - Type - Whey cream tanks


3 Whey cream tanks including all accessory. Function: to hold pasteurized whey cream coming from the cream pasteurizer cooled before remixing in the process line.  Still located in the dairy, stopped running in October 2020. Existing out: 3 Tanks with slow agitator. Double jacketed for cooling in 3 sections, jacket ice water connection in serial flow. Temperature and level sensors. Stainless steel frames and stairs. Including 27 Valves (Alfa-Laval unique and SRC) mixproof design for cream in and out, cream transfer centrifugal pump (Alfa-Laval FM0, 2006), flow transmitter and a  CIP return pump (Alfa-Laval MR200, year:2009). Ice water collecting tank (to empty jacket during cleaning) and the ice water return pump. The ice water is drained out of the jacketed during cleaning of tank. Input cream approx. 300-700ltr/h,  output controllable up to 1.000 liter per hour. All documentation electric scheme’s, P&ID and lay-out available. 


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Offer number 21-10-01
Description 3 Whey cream tank set
Manufacturer Kuipers – Lascon
Capacity Tank 1: 8.000 liter Tank 2: 8.000 liter Tank 3: 8.900 liter
Year of manufacture Tank 1: 2009 Tank 2: 2009 Tank 3: 2006
Serial number Tank 1: K09228-01 Tank 2: K09228-02 Tank 3: 60341102
Conditions Excellent, was running untill October 2020
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) Full lay-out available on request.
Terms of delivery FCA
Location South-east of The Netherlands, can be visted on request.

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