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21-19-01: Production line for Feta cheese

Production line for Feta cheese. Never used in production before! This line includes a milk treatment system for white cheese production like Feta. Feta cheese is produced by concentrating the milk by an ultra-filtration up to a approx. 40% total solids. This is known as the most efficient way of Feta cheese production. In this line 1.650 kg input milk at ± 50°C is split in retentate (the concentrated milk, protein and fat) and  permeate. The concentration factor can be adjusted by controlling the flow. The retentate  is pasteurized and slightly homogenized (to get a white color of the cheese) and sent to 3 tanks. In the tanks the culture is added just before or after filling (filling is not included in this line). After inoculation and cooling the feta is ready. The line exists of 4 main items, A): Ultra-filtration line. A double balance tank for feed milk and permeate with overflow system and water feed system. Product infeed and permeate out feed pumps. Flow transmitters, filters, control valves, piping, valves, sealing water and air tubes. Ultrafiltration modules. 2 stages with each circulation loop: 1x circulation pump, 2 x tube modules with in each module 3 x UF elements. The elements are membrane type: 6", spiral wound. All interconnecting piping and valves and a tubular heater/cooler. Total number of filters: 2 stages x 2 modules x 3  filters = 12 filters. Membrane area: 186 m2. B): Pasteurizer for retentate complete with pumps, heat exchanger, 3 sections (APV model T4, 10 bar), holding tube, sensors, hot water set, and control system. C): Homogenizer, APV/ Rannie 18.38, capacity: 424 liter per hour at 50 bar pressure, pistons size 18 mm and stroke 38 mm, 25 mm connections. D): Buffer tanks, 3 x vertical stainless steel tanks for retentate. APV type: MAV, volume: 500 liter each. Including level switch and CIP return pump. Valve manifold with manual mix proof valves to fill and empty the tanks at the same time for continuous running. Control panel: semi-automatic with all start/stop buttons for pump and agitators, level alarms etc. Set of filters (unused but 20 years old) included. Documentation, electric scheme, flowchart and manuals available in English.

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Production line for Feta cheese
1.650 kg per hour
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3 pumps, total 25 kW
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