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21-36-02: Complete skid mounted pasteurisation unit for milk and yoghurt

Complete skid mounted pasteurisation unit for milk and yoghurt.  Assembled in 2006 by Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment. Temperature scheme: 4°C (in) – 60°C (separator / homogeniser) - 72/95°C (pasteurisation / holding) – 4/45°C (out). The unit is existing out of a balance tank executed in stainless steel with automatic level control.  Pump covered in stainless steel, mechanical flow meter (liter per hour) and flow regulation valve. Stainless steel plate heat exchanger (4 sections, regeneration 90%, Brand: Schmidt, with extra reheating section). Holding tube: 23 and 300 seconds, mounted on top of the pasteuriser. Complete stainless steel control panel. The controls panel has the following options: IP 54, main switch, automatic regulation of pasteurisation temperature with digital display of real and set temperatures, on/off switches and lights for pumps, temperature recording, automatic fuses, signal lights with alarm bell and low temperature safety device activating the flow diversion valve. 2x hot water set with steam (steam valve modulating, steam / hot water heatexchanger, brazed with no gaskets, water pump, steam trap, overpressure valve, mano-/temperature meter and safety thermostat. Pneumatic flow diversion valve which opens in case the pasteurisation temperature is below the set point. Including all interconnection piping, fittings, valves and cabling. Flow scheme and electric scheme available. 

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Offer number
Westfalia - Bertoli - API Schmidt-Bretten
MM 3004 - M21G/B - Sigma 9 NCN
2.000 liter per hour
Year of reconditioning
Serial number
1615 487 - 1024 - PA-88165
Motor: 4,5 kW & 10 A - 15 kW and maximum pressure in current configuration with this motor 180 bar.
300 x 140 x ± 300 cm
Terms of delivery
The Netherlands

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