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22-04-01: UHT unit with direct steam injection

Complete UHT unit with direct heating system. Existing of: Balance tank, pump, tubular heat exchanger (6 sections).  Booster pump for CIP and eccentric pump pressure booster for viscose products. Direct steam injector, holding tube at 149°C for 4 seconds.  There are 2 cooling options: 1. by tubular heat exchanger (product slightly diluted) or rapid cooling by the flash vat (model: VTIS-F4 year: 2014, -1 bar/ 3.5 bar, volume 890 ltr nr: 32142-5256 with condenser and vacuum pump).  Aseptic homogenizer, 2 stage, pressure 250 bar, motor: 45 kW. Water circulation system with circulation pump. Plate cooler in water circulation system and steam/water injector.  All product and steam valves, sensors, part of piping, integrated CIP system for UHT with 2 dosing pumps included.  Separate aseptic tank (Pressure: -1/+6 bar, year 2015), double jacketed, pressure transmitters for level indication, agitator in and outfeed valves, 2 serial placed air filters. The aseptic tank has its own separate CIP station (Make: Tetra, model: CIP ALL) with tank 1.200 ltr. Heat exchanger, CIP, pump and  swing bend panel to switch between tank cleaning an piping cleaning. Control panel with PLC and Scada system on PC. P&ID, electric scheme and part of manuals in German available.

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Offer number
Tetra Pak
P3 - VTIS-F4
3.000 liter per hour
Year of construction
Serial number
T1318 11411.5
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