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Bottle filling and capping line

Bottle filling and capping line for plastic bottles.  The line is existing out of:

1) Infeed buffer and debagging table: where a pallet of empty bottles can be loaded on a buffer table. From the table the bottles are pushed on to a conveyor automatically by 2 fingers pushing the bottles.

2) Bottle Rincer: where the bottles are turned upside down and a shot of filtered compressed air is blown into the bottle to clean and remove particles from the bottle.

3) A monobloc Rotary filler and screw capper. The filler has 30 Filling heads (level filling), nozzle diameter 26.5mm for a bottle opening > 28mm. With a rotary product hopper that has an level sensor.  Valves for CIP and product, CIP counter piece and a self-priming CIP return pump make: Alfa Laval.

10 head screw cap closing units (including unscrambling cap bunker) for standard 38mm caps with outer diameter approx. 40mm.

Automatic height adjustment by electric motor for different heights of bottle sizes.

Machines is completely enclosed in plexiglass cabinets. The machines are rebuild with new control panels including frequency converters and new cabling. Rebuild electric motors on filler, new gaskets,  – v-belts – Hoses for compressed air. Bearings -  3 total new format set for 200ml, 900ml, 1.8liter (the 200ml bottle cannot go over the debagging table). 3 old format sets (incomplete). Including all inter connecting conveyors between debagging table, rincer and filler. Documentation, lay-out, P&ID and the electric schemes available. Video of the line on our website.


Offer number
1.800ml format: 9.000 bottles per hour. 900ml format: 10.800 bottles per hour (max 200/min). 200ml format: 5.000 bottles per hour.
Year of reconditioning
Serial number
13400 x 4600 x 3100 mm
Terms of delivery
The Netherlands

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