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Cheese pressing and brining line Euroblock

Cheese pressing line, Standard size, Euroblock 15kg (size:30x50x10cm). Full automatic pressing system. Existing out of: 5 Cheese presses with 144 moulds each (26 lines x 4 moulds). Including 820 microperforated moulds and lids (make Laude) and 600 extra lids.   After pressing there is an automatic handling system: Cover taking - mould turning – cheese outblow device - cheese weighing, cheese conveyor, mould cleaning tunnel with steps:  preclean-clean(heated)-flush-afterrince- desinfect  with an exhaust fan, 3 circulation pumps, plate heatexchanger steam/hotwater, filters, valves, sensors and interconnecting piping.  Second time mould turning and transport the covers and placing back on the mould. Including a mould storage system with automatic stacking and destacking. All 820 moulds are in the storage during cleaning of the press. The cheese press area has its own CIP unit with 3 tanks of 8.000, 8.000 and 3.000 liter and feed and return pumps. The Klokslag pressing system is controlled by Siemens S7 PLC system with Siemens OP and is well documented. Including are the components for cheese brining: infloat system for 20 bringing cages, (incl. the 20 bringing cages). The brining cages have the following specifications: 13 layers x 60 to max 80 cheese in total. 1.8 mtr wide  approx. 3.2mtr height, length of: 10.2 mtr.  2 cheese feed systems, cheese blower dry system with air knives. Brine treatment system:  Complete with 6 pumps, automatic valves, plate cooler (Alfa Laval), 2 sections  to keep temperature the set temperature: ±20->10°C, 2 scrape filters. Salt dissolving tank with agitator and level sensors. polyester dry salt storage tank 35m3 before infeed. Plastic hydrochloric acid storage tank and inline dosing system to the brine. PH meter and 1 Brix meter/salt concentration meter In every brine bath. A high-low level sensor (by float) and PT-100 temperature sensor. 2 circulation systems: Continuous cooler –> filter –> bath and dissolving -> chemical dosing. Every 30 min switch between brine tank 1 and 2. Including all pumps, valves, sensors, cables and part of the piping (where possible to dismantle). Flowcharts, lay-outs, electric schemes, operating and parts manuals, software are all available on request.

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Infloat system/brining cages / Brine treatment system

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