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Complete skid mounted pilot margarine plant

Complete skid mounted pilot margarine plant. Existing out of: preparing premix, heating or cooling the premix, (high pressure) pump, 3 crystallizers, pinmixer, inverter and holding tube. By the use of high pressure hoses different sequences can be selected.  Project number: P2445. Unit existing out of: 2x Premix tanks with propellor agitators, capacity: 2x 50 liter. 2x Emulsion tanks with a fence scraper agitator and temperature sensors. The emulsion tanks are double jacked with a heating system on the jacket by hot water circulation. Including feed pump. SSHE for heating/cooling (Gerstenberg Consistator 1025, serialno. 2445.004, 2003, product: 3,5 liter, 15 bar, 10-150°C, steam/water: 1,5 liter, 7 bar, 10-150°C) with steam control valve for indirect heating, hot or cold water circulation pump. High pressure pump (Gerstenberg P-3-08/35, serialno. 2445.001, 2003, 80 bar, 80 °C, 130 liter per hour @ 80 bar, 1541 production hours). 3x Crystallizers / scrape coolers (Gerstenberg Perfector 3x57, product pressure: up to 100 bar, -25 / 40 °C, volume margarine emulsion, 3x 0,5 liter per tube and medium 17,5 bar, -25 / 40 °C, R717 Ammonia, 3x 10 liter, 1131/1353/993 production hours). Pin mixer (± 0,5 liter, 1029 production hours). Inverter, 14 production hours). Resting tube 0,7 / 8,5 l Cooling unit (Cofely, NH3 direct expansion system, 2013, 50 kg filling, compressor 400 V - 11 kW - 1470 rpm and Günther AGBH 75 liter liquid receiver and condensor). Including all controls (Siemens S7-300 PLC), Scada PC and manuals. 

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Offer number
Pilot Perfector 3x57
Up to 130 liter per hour
Year of construction
Serial number
3x2x2 mtr
Terms of delivery
The Netherlands

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