Butter reworking line

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16-30-02: Butter reworking line

Manufacturer: Egli, Type: EBSCH35 / EBP318

The reworking line processes tempered blocks of butter gently and economically for a homogeneous butter that is easy to spread and package. Line exist out of: 1. Butter block shredder, cutting of the blocks for ideal transport and optimal kneading to avoid loss of moisture. Infeed tube (length 2.5 m)  with push augers towards shredder and 2 lockable covers during cleaning. Including 5CIP spray bowl points on infeed tube and 3 spray bowl points on shredder 2. Butter silo with shredder mounted on top of the two special designed augers. Butter Silo has various spray bowls for CIP and a manhole. 3. Butter Pump vertical mounted with a capacity of 2.500-3.000 kg/h. 4 Vacuum silo has various spray bowls for CIP , vacuum pump (SIHI) integrated and spray inlet pipe for butter. 5 Butter Pump (Waukesha 060 ser:124779) to feed the texturizer device 6. Butter texturizer device. This vertical mounted device improves the spread ability and the moisture distribution by an optimized kneading. It has 2 augers vertical mounted in SS jacket for heating by hotwater or cooling by icewater. Reworking Line is excluding controls and documentation. Part of connecting piping included and spare drive for texturizer.

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Offer number Description Manufacturer Type Type
16-30-02 Butter reworking line Egli EBSCH35 / EBP318 More
16-30-01 Vacuum mixing and dispersing unit Romaco FrymaKoruma Disho V160/400 More
16-29-02 Ultrafiltration unit GEA / Alfa Laval Ecoflex VT10 / DSS More
16-29-01 Automatic butter bulk packaging line APV FMG More
16-28-03 Cheese mixing drum Cabinplant Separatortromle More
16-28-02 Powder adding conveyer for cheese grating line Groba PD 100 More
16-28-01 Ribbon blender Weyrauch Mixer More
16-27-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Ampack Ammann ARL 8/2 Sold
16-26-02 Homogenizer APV Gaulin 2114 MC18 – 3TPS Under contract
16-26-01 Gable top carton form, fill and seal machine Nimco 280 TRCP Sold
16-25-01 Case Former Koch SKA 2400 More
16-23-01 Bactofuge Westfalia CNB130-01-076 More
16-22-02 Aseptic bottle filling line Ampack Ammann / Arol / Sleever International FA8 / EUROPK 288 More
16-22-01 UHT (ESL) unit with infusion Tetra Pak TA-VTIS Plus / Alex 25 Aseptic Sold
16-20-01 Complete blending system Ytron / Prosysta XC15.00-2.4V.215.2 Sold
16-19-01 Visco Rotor Gerstenberg Schröder (SPX) RL 280/170 More
16-18-01 Butter foil wrapping - packing line Benhil 8380 / 8529 More
16-17-02 Form fill seal (FFS) machine with packer Benco Pack Minpack / 8 More
16-17-01 Complete margarine line Schroder - Benhil / A&F Kombinator margarine line - 8270 / 720-4-23W4/8 More
16-16-03 Cheese portion cutting machine Groba HVED 350 More
16-16-02 Tray forming and packing machine PCA Packmaschinen TRF-4 / EA PFN-2 More
16-14-01 Curd transport system Waldner Continuous curd pump More
16-13-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Fillpack L03-4 More
16-12-02 Cheese unpack and mould washing line for Euroblocks GEA Tuchenhagen 4-109/4DST-S Sold
16-12-01 Continuous Ice cream freezer Tetra Pak Hoyer Alfa Laval KF1200 More
16-11-02 Cheese packing machine Alpma K-65/Ach More
16-11-01 Butter Cup filling machine Benhil 8205 More
16-10-02 Separator Westfalia MSA120-01-076 More
16-10-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Lieder RM 2 G – SIPLA/DRUDE More
16-09-03 Foaming machine Mondomix UA15-AS Under contract
16-09-02 Margarine machines Gerstenberg & Agger / 4-105 K-2-5/54-4 More
16-09-01 Aseptic carton form, fill and seal line with ReCap2 Tetra Pak TBA8 / Applicator 21 / Cardboard 70 Sold
16-08-02 Sanitary diaphragm metering pump system Lewa LDE2 / LDD1 / LDC2 More
16-08-01 UHT unit with aseptic tank Tetra Pak Steritube 2 - TAS15 - Alsafe Steritank More
16-07-04 Aseptic carton form, fill and seal line with shrinking machine Tetra Pak TBA19/200B - Tetra Multi Schrink 62 More
16-07-01 Milk Collection Truck with Milk Tank trailer Volvo/ Burg FM 12 62R / BPA 10 18 Z Under contract
16-04-02 Emulsifying Machine FrymaKoruma Unknown More
16-03-03 Inline Crusher Asta Eismann Inline-zerkleinerer Sold
16-03-02 Quark vat Schulenburg Quark vat More
16-03-01 Butter foil wrapping and packing line Benhil / Automation + Fördertechnik 8362/94 / 720.2.24W5 More
16-02-03 Laboratory Foaming machine Mondomix Minimondo Industrial SP-75 Sold
16-02-02 Thermoforming machine Dixie Vac Innovation Sold
16-01-01 Cup filling line for margarine Benhil 8270/215 More
15-52-03 Butter foil wrapping machine Benhil 8322 More
15-52-02 Automatic wrap around packer Schäfer & Flottmann SFS 274 More
15-51-02 Sanitary Lobe pump APV Crepaco MC/4/292/10 Microbeclean More
15-51-01 Universal machine Stephan-Combicut TC/SK 300 More
15-50-03 Flow packer BG Pack BG.2800 EXT More
15-50-02 Barrels washing and drying machine Haßheider/P-M-B Hygiene Technik PMB 600 More
15-50-01 Main components butteroil line Alfa Laval MRPX 418TGV-74C 881019-10-02 / MRPX 314TGV-14C 14C/881049-04-01 / MRPX313-HGV-14H 21/3965-50 More
15-49-03 Homogenizer Alfa Laval SHL25 Sold
15-49-01 Pallet washer Haßheider/P-M-B Hygiene Technik PMB 200 More
15-48-01 Whey sieve Jesma-Matador Whey sieve More
15-47-02 Butter vacuum silo DDMM Kolding Butter Vacuum Silo More
15-47-01 Mini portion packer for butter and margarine Vezzadini / IMA (Italy) L 6 More
15-43-02 Double jacket curd tank Tebel 12000 ltr Sold
15-42-02 Spiral conveyor Ambaflex Spiralconveyor-400-1300 More
15-42-01 CIP unit Tetra Pak CIP unit Sold
15-41-02 Cooling tunnel for pallets Joeler AG 2 lane Cooling tunnel More
15-39-01 Thermoforming machine Dixie Vac Evolution EVO0242 More
15-38-01 Mini butter portion packer Benhil 8358 / 8542 More
15-36-01 Bottle filling and closing machine Remy 7024 R2-1 More
15-35-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Waldner DOSOMAT 16.3.2 AS Under contract
15-34-01 Margarine block dosing, forming, wrapping and packing line Bock & Sohn / Breda Packaging DKS / Unipack.W. More
15-33-02 Milk reception unit Prema MMZ3 Under contract
15-32-01 Foaming machine Mondomix B-25 More
15-30-02 Separation lab Separator Westfalia d-LG 205-1-0,3/100000 More
15-29-02 Lobe pump APV DW5/142/15 More
15-23-02 Separator Alfa Laval MRPX318 HGV-74C/881005 More
15-23-01 Aseptic StickPack form, fill and seal machine and packing line OYSTAR Hassia SAS 20/30 More
15-19-01 Paraffining machine Doeschot Parama 676 More
15-16-01 Cup filling machine for margarine Hamba BK6003/M More
15-14-01 Tray forming and packing machine Breda Packaging Unipack 25 “T” + packer More
15-13-01 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Schroder Kombinator UTK18-200-DH-2A More
15-11-01 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Schroder Kombinator UTK18-200-4A More
15-10-01 Mini butter portion packer Corazza FB230 More
15-07-02 Butter silo Apparatebau GmbH Butter silo More
15-07-01 Carton former, filler and sealer Tetra Pak Tetra Rex RC7 Sold
14-45-01 Butter silo APV (Rothenburg) HRS Sold
14-42-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK6004 UV-C More
14-36-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Ostermeier OFM 4 More
14-34-01 Cheese production line Damrow / MKT Double O / Drainingvessel More
14-25-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BF5008/2 More
14-11-02 Automatic fresh (white) cheese processing line Waldner Ligne de moulage More
14-10-01 “Wrap Around” Cartoning machine Schäfer & Flottmann SFS 319 More
14-09-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Waldner Dosomat 20-5 More
14-02-01 Recovery system of whey protein APV Recovery lactoproteins line More
13-48-02 Case Former A + F 210 / 16 More
13-41-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK 8008 More
13-35-02 Tubular flow sterilizer Stork DS 1525 More
13-29-02 Dosing unit PCM Dosys CA 078 More
13-26-02 Carton former, filler and sealer Ostermeier Tilsit 350 F More
13-25-02 Case Former Automation + Fördertechnik GmbH (Oystar) SHL-slim 6/12 More
13-17-01 High pressure pump Schröder ( SPX ) KL02 More
13-13-02 Closed cheesevats Tebel Tebel-matic More
13-11-02 Vertical form-fill-seal machine Will S 3.50 More
13-11-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Benhil 8205 More
12-39-02 Grinder Düker Rex AMW200 Under contract
11-48-02 Frequency converters Danfoss / ABB / Stöber / Hitachi / Movitrac Various More
10-50-01 Butter churn QHK 100H More

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