Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

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15-13-01: Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Manufacturer: Schroder Kombinator, Type: UTK18-200-DH-2A

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger for heating, temperature holding and cooling of liquid, viscous, high viscous and crystalline products. Previous used for heating, holding (volume  ± 85 ltr) and cooling of food products (sauces) with steam and ammonia (NH3, 125 ltr, 17 bar, -20°C / 45 °C). 2 Independent Ammonia systems. Constant quality of the product, continuous running and inline cleaning system (CIP). Excluding control panel and manuals.

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Offer number Description Manufacturer Type Type
15-13-01 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Schroder Kombinator UTK18-200-DH-2A More
15-11-01 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Schroder Kombinator UTK18-200-4A More
15-10-01 Mini butter portion packer Corazza FB230 More
15-09-01 Palletiser PCA-Packmaschinen GmbH LP-3600 More
15-08-01 Processing tanks Cherry Burrell EP Processor, 2.200 gal. x 84” I.D. Sold
15-07-02 Butter silo Apparatebau GmbH Butter silo More
15-07-01 Carton former, filler and sealer Tetra Pak Tetra Rex RC7 More
15-05-01 Margarine foil wrapping and packing line Benhil / Schäfer & Flottmann 8346 / SFS 274 More
15-04-02 Bottle filling line Bosch - Zalkin - Breda FKR G 12/09 - CA4/320NG - Unipack 25 + Packer + Distributor Sold
15-04-01 Butter foil wrapping and packing line Benhil 8345 / 8501 Sold
14-51-01 DSI UHT Unit for Ice mix Cherry-Burrell / APV Gaulin Direct Steam Incorporation / 1585 MS18-3TPSX More
14-50-01 Complete continuous butter production line APV Pasilac HCT2 Sold
14-45-01 Butter silo APV (Rothenburg) HRS Sold
14-44-01 Cheese packing machine Alpma K-65/Ach More
14-43-01 Quark vat Schulenburg Cheese vat More
14-42-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK6004 UV-C More
14-41-01 Butter blend line APV Butter blend line Sold
14-36-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Ostermeier OFM 4 More
14-35-01 Aseptic StickPack form, fill and seal machine and packing line OYSTAR Hassia SAS 20/30 More
14-34-01 Cheese production line Damrow / MKT Double O / Drainingvessel More
14-27-02 Grinder Kramer & Grebe SC-WW More
14-27-01 Bactofuge Westfalia CNB215-01-076 More
14-25-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BF5008/2 More
14-24-01 Homogenizers APV Gaulin 264 MC7 – 8TBS More
14-21-02 Air treatment unit HB Koeltechniek Engineering Eco 4200 Sold
14-20-02 Foil wrapping machine Benhil 8362 More
14-20-01 Carton former, filler and sealer Galdi RG247 More
14-11-02 Automatic fresh (white) cheese processing line Waldner Ligne de moulage More
14-10-02 Cooling tunnel for pallets KTW Anlagebau Cooling tunnel More
14-10-01 “Wrap Around” Cartoning machine Schäfer & Flottmann SFS 319 More
14-09-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Waldner Dosomat 20-5 More
14-07-02 Continuous butter making machine Gea Ahlborn 311 / 1000 Sold
14-07-01 Cheese grating line Groba RBP400 / KKR 300 More
14-05-01 UHT pilot plant APV UHT pilot plant More
14-02-02 Vacuum mixing and dispersing unit FrymaKoruma Disho V160/400 More
14-02-01 Recovery system of whey protein APV Recovery lactoproteins line More
13-51-01 Processing tanks Husek / Nirosta 2.000 L More
13-50-01 Thermoforming machine Ulma TF-Optima 288 More
13-48-02 Case Former A + F 210 / 16 More
13-47-01 Mini butter portion packer Benhil 8358 / 8542 More
13-46-01 Soft cheese production equipment Alpma Koagulator 150 + Portionierung More
13-42-02 Milk reception unit Prema MMZ3 / MMZ4 Sold
13-41-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK 8008 More
13-41-01 Aseptic Bag filling machine Astepo (Alfa Laval) CAF 1 H/1”+ABF Sold
13-40-01 Sleeve machine Goossens Beavais (Van Genechten Automation) P60 More
13-35-02 Tubular flow sterilizer Stork DS 1525 More
13-35-01 Cheese production equipment Paasch G-41C More
13-29-02 Dosing unit PCM Dosys CA 078 More
13-29-01 Pallet washing machine Tuchenhagen KT3-59-9L More
13-26-02 Carton former, filler and sealer Ostermeier Tilsit 350 F More
13-25-02 Case Former Automation + Fördertechnik GmbH (Oystar) SHL-slim 6/12 More
13-25-01 Universal machine Stephan Combicut TC200 More
13-23-01 Bottle filling machine Bosch FRK 5090 C More
13-17-01 High pressure pump Schröder ( SPX ) KL02 More
13-13-02 Closed cheesevats Tebel Tebel-matic More
13-11-02 Vertical form-fill-seal machine Will S 3.50 More
13-11-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Benhil 8205 More
13-09-02 Cup filling machine Benhil 8217 More
13-08-01 Cheese packing machine Alpma U-54 More
12-39-02 Grinder Düker Rex AMW200 More
12-38-02 Separation lab Separator Westfalia d-LG 205-1-0,3/100000 More
12-36-01 Butter churn Paasch F 31 More
12-26-01 Tray erector and packer Nor-Reg Systems AS TP4200 (Hulltraupakker) More
12-17-01 Bucket filling, sealing and closing machine Miromatic MDA-4 Vario 0,5/1-1C2-TA Sold
12-16-01 Tray forming and packing machine Breda Packaging Unipack 25 “T” + packer More
12-06-01 Automatic melted cheese portioning, filling and wrapping machine Kustner Gemini More
11-49-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Ampack Ammann L-AA2 More
11-48-02 Frequency converters Danfoss / ABB / Stöber / Hitachi / Movitrac Various More
11-46-02 Emulsifiers Michielsen Emulgator More
11-43-02 Air compressor Atlas Copco GA55 More
11-23-02 Double jacket curd tank Tebel 12000 ltr More
10-50-01 Butter churn QHK 100H More
10-40-01 6 Head filling machine Benhil 8221 More
10-35-01 Vacuum and clipping machine Cryovac Corvette COV CF 412 More
10-21-01 Butter/Margarine foil wrapping and packing line Benhil / Sabel 8381 / SE35 More
10-16-01 Tube filling machine IWK (Oystar Group) V 22 TF More
09-23-01 Palletiser Kleinkopf RK 200 B More
09-16-03 Mixproof valve APV Delta More
09-13-02 Single seat valves APV SW More
09-07-02 Change over valves APV Delta S 23-FS More
06-19-01 Cheese moulds Kadova 12 kg Sold

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