Margarine foil wrapping and packing line

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15-05-01: Margarine foil wrapping and packing line

Manufacturer: Benhil / Schäfer & Flottmann, Type: 8346 / SFS 274

Complete margarine packaging line existing out of foil wrapping machine with direct feed connection and compensator, photo cell spot detection for paper correction and control panel with Siemens S7 PLC, automatic wrap around packer with hotmelt (Nordson) and all interconnecting conveyors. Line upgraded in 2006. Line already dismantled in our warehouse.

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Offer number Description Manufacturer Type Type
15-05-01 Margarine foil wrapping and packing line Benhil / Schäfer & Flottmann 8346 / SFS 274 More
15-04-02 Bottle filling line Bosch - Zalkin - Breda FKR G 12/09 - CA4/320NG - Unipack 25 + Packer + Distributor More
15-04-01 Butter foil wrapping and packing line Benhil 8345 / 8501 Sold
14-51-01 DSI UHT Unit for Ice mix Cherry-Burrell / APV Gaulin Direct Steam Incorporation / 1585 MS18-3TPSX More
14-50-01 Complete continuous butter production line APV Pasilac HCT2 Sold
14-45-01 Butter silo APV (Rothenburg) HRS Sold
14-44-01 Cheese packing machine Alpma K-65/Ach More
14-43-01 Quark vat Schulenburg Cheese vat More
14-42-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK6004 UV-C More
14-41-01 Butter blend line APV Butter blend line Sold
14-36-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Ostermeier OFM 4 More
14-35-01 Aseptic StickPack form, fill and seal machine and packing line OYSTAR Hassia SAS 20/30 More
14-34-01 Cheese production line Damrow / MKT Double O / Drainingvessel More
14-32-01 Carton former, filler and sealer Tetra Pak Tetra Rex RC7 More
14-27-02 Grinder Kramer & Grebe SC-WW More
14-27-01 Bactofuge Westfalia CNB215-01-076 More
14-25-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BF5008/2 More
14-24-01 Homogenizers APV Gaulin 264 MC7 – 8TBS More
14-21-02 Air treatment unit HB Koeltechniek Engineering Eco 4200 Sold
14-21-01 Form fill seal machine Erca (Oystar Group) / Cama 470 Decor 71066 / RB502 More
14-20-02 Foil wrapping machine Benhil 8362 More
14-20-01 Carton former, filler and sealer Galdi RG247 More
14-14-03 Cheese mixing drum Groba PM-800 Sold
14-11-02 Automatic fresh (white) cheese processing line Waldner Ligne de moulage More
14-10-02 Cooling tunnel for pallets KTW Anlagebau Cooling tunnel More
14-10-01 “Wrap Around” Cartoning machine Schäfer & Flottmann SFS 319 More
14-09-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Waldner Dosomat 20-5 More
14-07-02 Continuous butter making machine Gea Ahlborn 311 / 1000 Sold
14-07-01 Cheese grating line Groba RBP400 / KKR 300 More
14-05-01 UHT pilot plant APV UHT pilot plant More
14-02-02 Vacuum mixing and dispersing unit FrymaKoruma Disho V160/400 More
14-02-01 Recovery system of whey protein APV Recovery lactoproteins line More
13-51-01 Processing tanks Husek / Nirosta 2.000 L More
13-50-01 Thermoforming machine Ulma TF-Optima 288 More
13-48-02 Case Former A + F 210 / 16 More
13-47-01 Mini butter portion packer Benhil 8358 / 8542 More
13-46-01 Soft cheese production equipment Alpma Koagulator 150 + Portionierung More
13-42-02 Milk reception unit Prema MMZ3 / MMZ4 Sold
13-41-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK 8008 More
13-41-01 Aseptic Bag filling machine Astepo (Alfa Laval) CAF 1 H/1”+ABF Sold
13-40-01 Sleeve machine Goossens Beavais (Van Genechten Automation) P60 More
13-35-02 Tubular flow sterilizer Stork DS 1525 More
13-35-01 Cheese production equipment Paasch G-41C More
13-29-02 Dosing unit PCM Dosys CA 078 More
13-29-01 Pallet washing machine Tuchenhagen KT3-59-9L More
13-26-02 Carton former, filler and sealer Ostermeier Tilsit 350 F More
13-25-02 Case Former Automation + Fördertechnik GmbH (Oystar) SHL-slim 6/12 More
13-25-01 Universal machine Stephan Combicut TC200 More
13-23-01 Bottle filling machine Bosch FRK 5090 C More
13-17-01 High pressure pump Schröder ( SPX ) KL02 More
13-13-02 Closed cheesevats Tebel Tebel-matic More
13-11-02 Vertical form-fill-seal machine Will S 3.50 More
13-11-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Benhil 8205 More
13-09-02 Cup filling machine Benhil 8217 More
13-08-01 Cheese packing machine Alpma U-54 More
12-39-02 Grinder Düker Rex AMW200 More
12-38-02 Separation lab Separator Westfalia d-LG 205-1-0,3/100000 More
12-36-01 Butter churn Paasch F 31 More
12-26-01 Tray erector and packer Nor-Reg Systems AS TP4200 (Hulltraupakker) More
12-18-01 Mini butter portion packer Corazza FB230 More
12-17-01 Bucket filling, sealing and closing machine Miromatic MDA-4 Vario 0,5/1-1C2-TA More
12-16-01 Tray forming and packing machine Breda Packaging Unipack 25 “T” + packer More
12-06-01 Automatic melted cheese portioning, filling and wrapping machine Kustner Gemini More
11-49-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Ampack Ammann L-AA2 More
11-48-02 Frequency converters Danfoss / ABB / Stöber / Hitachi / Movitrac Various More
11-46-02 Emulsifiers Michielsen Emulgator More
11-43-02 Air compressor Atlas Copco GA55 More
11-23-02 Double jacket curd tank Tebel 12000 ltr More
10-50-01 Butter churn QHK 100H More
10-40-01 6 Head filling machine Benhil 8221 More
10-35-01 Vacuum and clipping machine Cryovac Corvette COV CF 412 More
10-21-01 Butter/Margarine foil wrapping and packing line Benhil / Sabel 8381 / SE35 More
10-16-01 Tube filling machine IWK (Oystar Group) V 22 TF More
09-23-01 Palletiser Kleinkopf RK 200 B More
09-16-03 Mixproof valve APV Delta More
09-13-02 Single seat valves APV SW More
09-07-02 Change over valves APV Delta S 23-FS More
06-19-01 Cheese moulds Kadova 12 kg Sold

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