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Sleeve machine for single cups

Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve ,  Type: CT 60

Sleeve machine for single cups. The machine is loaded with flat sleeves. The sleeves are folded by pushing the cup against the sleeve and glued after folding. Including hotmelt Nordson model: 3100 with 1 hose. Including the operation manual, electric scheme and spare pa...
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22-44-01 Aseptic homogeniser
Manufacturer: APV Schröder
Type: 2114MC45-5TPSX
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Under contract 22-40-01 Homogeniser
Manufacturer: Niro Soavi
Type: NS3110H
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22-36-01 High pressure homogeniser
Manufacturer: Rannie
Type: Blue Top 58.79
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22-19-01 High pressure homogeniser
Manufacturer: APV Gaulin
Type: MC120-3TPS
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20-44-01 20-44-01: Homogeniser
Manufacturer: APV Rannie
Type: Blue Top Plus 58.79
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20-42-02 20-42-02: Homogeniser
Manufacturer: Rannie
Type: BT50.80
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