Butter silo

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17-47-01: Butter silo

Manufacturer: QHK, Type: Buttersilo 3000 kg

SS closed butter buffer tank with 2 augers, 1 motor with reductor, variable speed work,  1 x manhole, CIP cleanable by rotating spray bowls in tank and CIP connections at outfeed augers. With sight glass cover and vent outlet. 2 round connections DIN11851 4” for butter pumps. No controls, butter pumps or CIP pumps.

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Offer number Description Manufacturer Type Type
17-48-01 Bucket filling and closing machine Miromatic MDA-2 EAS-2/10-1C2 Sold
17-47-01 Butter silo QHK Buttersilo 3000 kg More
17-46-01 Powder mixer APV TB250 More
17-44-02 Pilot Batch Mixer Wolff MDN 185 Under contract
17-44-01 Homogenizing mixing unit Becomix IC 125 Inclinomat More
17-43-01 Cheese conveyer press and cheese moulds Klokslag / Laude Pawl conveyer press / Euroblok / Multiform bread More
17-42-01 Cheese unpack and mould washing line for Euroblocks GEA Tuchenhagen 4-109/4DST-S More
17-41-01 Cream pasteuriser SPX APV ParaFlow 0034 More
17-40-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BF5008/2 More
17-40-01 Complete Packing line Mondini / Ishida VF/SP-2P-2M / Evoluzione 365V/G Super / CP 2 + 2 - CCW-NZ-112BN-D/15-WP-BE / WPL 5000 / DACS-W-C12-SB-PB-I Sold
17-39-01 Bottle-Jar filling line Hamba BF5012/2 Glass More
17-38-01 Cup filling and sealing line Ampack Ammann / A&F KF1/3-P / 216/12 / ASGP4 Sold
17-37-01 Maturation tanks QHK Rahmreifer 20.000 More
17-36-02 Complete PET bottle fill line with blow moulding and end of line packaging ADS / Procomac / Krones / Fanuc More
17-36-01 Universal machine Stephan UMM/SK130 E-2 More
17-34-01 Separator Westfalia MSA 200-01-076 More
17-32-01 Fully automatic filling and wrapping machine Benhil 72 More
17-30-02 Injection UHT Unit APV/SPX - APV Gaulin UP 8.000 - 2114-MC45-5TPSX Sold
17-30-01 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Pasteurizer Schroder Kombinator WK250/2000-xz More
17-26-01 UHT (ESL) Unit Tetra Pak TA-Flex Turbo / Alex TA30 More
17-24-02 Culture preparation department GTI design (Goavec, Alfa Laval, Anema, Grundfos, Sinus) Culture preparation department More
17-23-03 Gable Top Carton Packer Polyketting PF/PL More
17-23-02 Carton form, fill and seal machine Elopak P-S50D Sold
17-23-01 Reverse Osmosis Unit MemBrain + Norde Boers design (Hovap, Fristam, Sondex, Anema, Alfa Laval, E&H and Siemens) Reverse Osmosis Unit More
17-22-02 Vacuum Deaerator GEA Tuchenhagen Deaerator More
17-21-01 Cream mature tanks Goavec Maturateur More
17-19-01 Mixproof valves manifold APV / Nocado Delta SD41 / Delta DE34 / Butterfly valves More
17-15-01 Continous butter making machine (CBM) APV / SPX HCT 2 FC More
17-13-02 High viscous product pump with hopper Glass /SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell SMG 1000 Puffer/ 064 More
17-13-01 Separator Westfalia MSA100-01-076 More
17-12-01 Injection UHT Unit APV/SPX - APV Gaulin UPE 20.000 - 5284MC126-4TPSX More
17-08-01 Universal Laboratory Reactor Wolff Apparatebau KG LRS III More
17-06-03 Bag form, fill and seal machine Roure TA (TUBOPAC-225) More
17-06-01 Margarine reworker, pasteuriser, holding tube and cooler Het Stempel B.V. Lofator More
17-04-02 Vacuum deaerator Koruma ERV 3 More
17-04-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Ampack Ammann AA4/4 – 75/95 More
17-02-03 Clarifier Alfa Laval MRPX 409 SGV Under contract
17-02-02 Processed cheese cooker with creaming tank Damrow BU Cooker C556A More
16-51-02 Form fill seal machine for double chamber cups with tray former and packer Hassia THM 18/42 More
16-49-01 Butter foil wrapping - packing line Benhil - Schäfer + Flottmann 8362D/163 - SFS 276 More
16-46-01 Complete pasteurisation unit with separator, cream cooler and standardisation device Alfa Laval Clip 8 RH / MRPX314 TGV More
16-43-01 Cheese Buffering device Alpma Vestor II More
16-40-01 Visco rotor Tetra Laval Schröder VR3 More
16-39-02 Inline dispersing machine Ystral Z 11.000S/W3 DGA 154P More
16-37-02 Vacuum Deaerator Pumps Alfa Laval and SIHI SCPP2/030 / LKH-10/146 / LEMA 26 A2 More
16-37-01 Pilot Sterilizer Unit APV MP150 VT 460+ More
16-35-01 Cooling and dosing tank Siersema Scheffers PD Advera-Unit More
16-33-02 Lobe pump APV DW6/519/7 Sold
16-32-02 Homogenizer APV Gaulin G 132Q-2,5P More
16-29-01 Automatic butter bulk packaging line APV FMG More
16-28-03 Cheese mixing drum Cabinplant Separatortromle More
16-28-02 Powder adding conveyer for cheese grating line Groba PD 100 More
16-25-01 Case Former Koch SKA 2400 More
16-23-01 Bactofuge Westfalia CNB130-01-076 More
16-22-02 Aseptic bottle filling line Ampack Ammann / Arol / Sleever International FA8 / EUROPK 288 More
16-19-01 Visco Rotor Gerstenberg Schröder (SPX) RL 280/170 More
16-17-02 Form fill seal (FFS) machine with packer Benco Pack Minpack / 8 More
16-16-02 Tray forming and packing machine PCA Packmaschinen TRF-4 / EA PFN-2 More
16-14-01 Curd transport system Waldner Continuous curd pump More
16-12-01 Continuous Ice cream freezer Tetra Pak Hoyer Alfa Laval KF1200 More
16-11-02 Cheese packing machine Alpma K-65/Ach More
16-11-01 Butter Cup filling machine Benhil 8205 More
16-04-02 Emulsifying Machine FrymaKoruma Unknown More
16-01-01 Cup filling line for margarine Benhil 8270/215 More
15-52-03 Butter foil wrapping machine Benhil 8322 More
15-52-02 Automatic wrap around packer Schäfer & Flottmann SFS 274 More
15-51-02 Sanitary Lobe pump APV Crepaco MC/4/292/10 Microbeclean More
15-51-01 Universal machine Stephan-Combicut TC/SK 300 More
15-49-01 Pallet washer Haßheider/P-M-B Hygiene Technik PMB 200 More
15-47-01 Mini portion packer for butter and margarine Vezzadini / IMA (Italy) L 6 More
15-41-02 Cooling tunnel for pallets Joeler AG 2 lane Cooling tunnel More
15-39-01 Thermoforming machine Dixie Vac Evolution EVO0242 More
15-36-01 Bottle filling and closing machine Remy 7024 R2-1 More
15-34-01 Margarine block dosing, forming, wrapping and packing line Bock & Sohn / Breda Packaging DKS / Unipack.W. More
15-32-01 Foaming machine Mondomix B-25 More
15-30-02 Separation lab Separator Westfalia d-LG 205-1-0,3/100000 More
15-23-02 Separator Alfa Laval MRPX318 HGV-74C/881005 More
15-16-01 Cup filling machine for margarine Hamba BK6003/M More
15-14-01 Tray forming and packing machine Breda Packaging Unipack 25 “T” + packer More
15-10-01 Mini butter portion packer Corazza FB230 More
15-07-02 Butter silo Apparatebau GmbH Butter silo More
14-42-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK6004 UV-C More
14-34-01 Cheese production line Damrow / MKT Double O / Drainingvessel More
14-09-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Waldner Dosomat 20-5 More
13-48-02 Case Former A + F 210 / 16 More
13-41-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK 8008 More
13-35-02 Tubular flow sterilizer Stork DS 1525 More
13-29-02 Dosing unit PCM Dosys CA 078 More
13-26-02 Carton former, filler and sealer Ostermeier Tilsit 350 F More
13-25-02 Case Former Automation + Fördertechnik GmbH (Oystar) SHL-slim 6/12 More
13-13-02 Closed cheesevats Tebel Tebel-matic More
13-11-02 Vertical form-fill-seal machine Will S 3.50 More
13-11-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Benhil 8205 More
12-39-02 Grinder Düker Rex AMW200 More
11-48-02 Frequency converters Danfoss / ABB / Stöber / Hitachi / Movitrac Various More
10-50-01 Butter churn QHK 100H More

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