Complete butter packaging line

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20-49-02: Complete butter packaging line

Manufacturer: SIG, Type: FD140

Complete butter packaging line. Fully automatic filling and wrapping machine for butter in aluminum foil or parchment paper. Product feed by direct link up with original SIG compensator, linear potential meter to control a feed pump. Manual cleanable. Photocell paper correction for non-continuous foil. Production: 34.379 hours. No date...

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Offer number Description Manufacturer Type Type
20-49-02 Complete butter packaging line SIG FD140 More
20-49-01 Butter homogeniser - reworker Benhil 8471 Microfix Sold
20-48-01 Skid mounted ultra filtration unit Tetra Pak Alcross US Ultra Filtration More
20-47-01 Cream cheese separator Westfalia KSA6 / KSA3006 More
20-46-02 Foil wrapping machine for white cheeses Somic VA91 More
20-46-01 Complete UHT unit Tetra Pak Steritube More
20-45-02 Homogeniser APV MS18-5TPS Sold
20-45-01 2 TBA aseptic filling and packaging lines Tetra Pak ABB8 (TBA8) -40V More
20-44-03 Yoghurt - fruit mixing unit Gasti Dogamix More
20-44-02 Chocolate melting tank Hacos HSK250/3 More
20-44-01 Homogeniser APV Rannie Blue Top Plus 58.79 More
20-43-03 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK 8004 More
20-43-02 Separator Westfalia MSD 60-01-076 More
20-43-01 Full automatic filling and wrapping machine for butter Benhil 8362 More
20-42-02 Homogeniser Rannie BT50.80 More
20-42-01 Cooling and incubation tunnels for pallets Cooling tunnel For pallets More
20-41-02 Mega sale MEGA SALE Used Dairy Equipment More
20-41-01 Destilation unit for infusion liquids Pharmatec 1000-S6V Sold
20-40-03 Process tank Harrislee GmbH TVI-DJ More
20-40-02 Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO) Pure Water Systems HPWS85301 Sold
20-40-01 Bactofuge GEA Westfalia CNE 400-01-777 More
20-39-02 Pasteuriser Alfa Laval C8-KSH Sold
20-39-01 Vacuum dissolver / mixer Scanima SRB-500 Sold
20-38-03 Ceramic filters Membralox Allcross UF More
20-38-01 Complete milk Pasteurisation and standardisation line Alfa Laval – Tetra M10 / M6 / Alfast / SHL20 More
20-37-02 Aseptic Bag with spout filler Van Meurs Aseptic filling B200 Under contract
20-37-01 Separator Westfalia SAMM12006 More
20-36-02 Complete cheese plant SPX, Tetra Pak, Klokslag Gouda Euroblock 15kg each cheese 50x30x10cm. More
20-35-03 Powder dissolver hopper Powder dissolver hopper More
20-35-02 Automatic filling and wrapping machine for round portions of processed cheese Kustner Delta DF More
20-35-01 Butter homogeniser Schuy SHG More
20-34-02 Butter churn DDMM Kolding TÄ3200 More
20-33-01 Mobile emulsifier Microcut Stephan MCH-D60A Under contract
20-31-01 Separator GEA Westfalia MSA 60-01-076 More
20-30-02 Metal detector Mettler Toledo Safeline More
20-30-01 Rotary cup filler with 2 filling heads Waldner Dosomat 2.2 More
20-29-02 Mobile ultrasonic slicing machine for cheeses Sodeva SA France Decoupe - Compact ligne More
20-29-01 Separator Alfa Laval MRPX 418 TGV-74C More
20-28-03 Foil wrapping machine for white cheeses Somic VA77 More
20-28-02 Spiral cooling system Spiral cooling carrousel Sold
20-28-01 Cheese slices packaging line GEA CFS Powerpack 560 NT More
20-27-02 Paddle mixer-Cooker Karl Schnell 750 More
20-27-01 Separator GEA Westfalia MSA 100-01-076 More
20-26-03 Rotary cup filling and sealing machine Schutten machines VSM-1000-2 More
20-26-02 Continuous aerating Mondomix Mondomix UE50AS More
20-26-01 Skid mounted margarine pilot plant Schröder VS - Anlage - VMK04/60 - 230 More
20-25-03 Mix tank Ullmann & CO. GmbH Mix tank More
20-25-02 Ultrafiltration unit Tetra Alcross Tetra Pak Alcross UH More
20-24-03 Double jacketed vertical process tank De Rijk Proces tank More
20-24-02 Direct Inline Standardiser Tetra Pak Tetra Alfast 220 Sold
20-24-01 Complete cooking line including pre-blender and feed system Karl Schnell Cooker: DKM400/780, Blender: 746 Pump: 517 More
20-23-04 CIP tanks CIP tanks ABAB More
20-23-02 Automatic filling and wrapping machines for butter Kustner PRIMA GB More
20-22-05 Z-Blender Worssam London Vickers Z-Blender More
20-22-02 Scraped surface heat exchangers and pinmixer Schröder SSHE More
20-22-01 Visco rotor, colloid mill Schröder VR3 More
20-20-03 Two horizontal mixing tanks Mixing tank More
20-20-01 Slab filling and wrapping machine for margarine (puff pastry)/butter Bock & Sohn BPM200 More
20-19-01 Microperforated cheese moulds Laude Microperforated moulds More
20-17-03 High viscous product pump with hopper Glass /SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell SMG 1000 Puffer/ Waukesha 064 & 134 More
20-17-02 Rotary cup filler Waldner Dosomat 1.1 More
20-16-03 Butter silo Simon Freres BAC 10000 More
20-16-02 Butter mixing and kneading machine Simon Freres Contimalax KART 1140 More
20-16-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Gasti Dogatherm 41S More
20-15-02 Prevention algae growth in the rinse water Imtech ECA Unit More
20-13-03 Whey sieve Jesma-Matador VS20/65 More
20-13-02 Butter homogeniser Benhil 8477 Microfix More
20-13-01 Pasteuriser - Aseptic packaging line for fruit juices/concentrates Astepo C.A.F.2H/1’’REVIEW Sold
20-12-03 Bactofuge Westfalia CNA 215-01-076 More
20-12-02 Aseptic bag in box filling machine Astepo PTAF 1H/2 Sold
20-11-02 Quark separator Westfalia KDA30-02-177 More
20-10-03 High pressure pump used for margarine Schröder KL03 More
20-10-02 Crystalliser for margarine Gerstenberg & Agger Perfector 4-105 More
20-10-01 Crystalliser for margarine Schröder MK04/178-1200 More
20-09-02 Cooling Carrousel Meyn Cooling Carrousel More
20-09-01 Mozzarella moulding machine Milkylab Lab 21P More
20-08-03 Sanitary centrifugal pumps Alfa Laval LKH60/70 220 FSS More
20-08-02 Cooker, mixer, emulsifier Karl Schnell FV175/30 - 046 More
20-08-01 Fully automatic filling and wrapping machine for butter Benhil 8380 More
20-07-02 Rotary filling machine for ice cream Tetra Pak Hoyer Hoyfill More
20-06-02 Aseptic homogeniser APV Schröder 2114MC45-5TPSX More
20-06-01 Carton former, filler and sealer Tetra Pak Rex TR7 ESL More
20-05-02 Stainless steel closed butter silo Rothenburg M-1722 More
20-04-02 Rotating mixer to mix dry ingredients Lindor 70 More
20-04-01 Universal vertical cutter/melter/cooker Stephan UM/SK150 More
20-03-02 Pasteuriser for margarine emulsion with scraped surface heat exchanger Schroder / Tetra Laval Food WK178-1400-xz-WR More
20-03-01 Vacuum Deaerator Tetra Pak DC500 More
20-02-03 Process Tank Veenbrink A10 Cream maturation tank More
19-51-03 Plate heat exchangers APV ParaFlow Q080 More
19-50-01 Mincer - separator SEPAmatic Sepa 2000 More
19-49-02 Cup filling and sealing machine BWI Fords Trepko Holmatic Ford Duckworth PR2-S More
19-48-01 Thermoforming machine Dixie Vac Evolution EVO0242 More
19-47-02 Ribbon blenders Tecnal MVF - Transmix 1200 More
19-47-01 Universal horizontal cutter/melter/cooker Stephan TC/SK300 More
19-46-02 Cup filling, sealing and packaging line Ampack Ammann AA4-95 More
19-46-01 Margarine machine Gerstenberg & Agger Perfector 1x105 More
19-45-02 Butter reworker Simon Freres Bac Broyeur BCC 25/380 More
19-45-01 Forming, Filling, Sealing machine (FFS) with tray former and packer Hassia THM 18/42 More
19-44-02 Packing machine Schäfer & Flottmann SFS 354 + Verteiler More
19-42-01 Homogeniser APV Gaulin 200-3.0P More
19-41-02 Cupfilling and sealing machine Grunwald - Hittpac AKH-059/3 More
19-40-02 Top cap filling and sealing machine Hittpac & Combimat A6 & CM-BIOS More
19-38-02 Separator Alfa Laval MRPX 514 HGV-74C More
19-35-02 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Crepaco 2 HD 672 More
19-35-01 Cup filling machine for margarine/halvarine/butter Hamba MA 6004 M More
19-34-01 Doypack filling machine Thimonnier TD1500 More
19-32-01 Process tanks Aurich Edelstahl Gmbh Kulturtank Sold
19-31-01 Homogeniser Rannie BT 50.79H More
19-30-02 Shrink baths Cryovac ST40/60 11-RP / ST77 RHS / ST07 More
19-30-01 Separator Westfalia KNA14-02-076 Sold
19-29-03 Cheese packing machine Alpma V-64/AV More
19-29-01 Aseptic carton form, fill and seal line Tetra Pak TBA21 1000B / TBA21 1000B More
19-28-01 Universal machine Stephan TK200 More
19-20-03 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Schroder FWK 178-Y Spec/WK 178-X More
19-20-02 Quark Separator GEA Westfalia KNA3-06-076 More
19-17-01 Margarine machine Schröder MK04/120-820 More
19-14-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Waldner DOSOMAT 10.4 More
19-12-01 Homogenizer Tetra Pak TAM20/250 Bar Under contract
19-07-01 Homogenizer APV Crepaco 5DD425 More
19-06-01 Butter silo Egli EBW 9 More
19-04-01 Fully automatic filling and wrapping machine Benhil 8146 More
19-03-02 Mini butter portion packer Benhil 8358/52 - 8535/34 More
19-02-01 Continuous cheese cooking sterilizer Kustner (Bosch) Sterilchoc FP 2000 More
18-46-01 Cheese draining and pre-press vat MKT Presswanne More
18-45-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Waldner DOSOMAT 10.8 More
18-42-01 UHT (ESL) unit Finnah (Gea) / APV-Gaulin 6500/180 / MC120-3TPS Sold
18-40-01 Cup filling and closing machine Grunwald Foodliner FL6000/4 More
18-37-02 Horizontal Vacuum Blending Prominox Melangeur Under contract
18-37-01 Butteroil Separator Alfa Laval MRPX 313 HGV - 14 H - 21 Under contract
18-36-01 Bactocatch Tetra Pak Alcross M 1/38 Pilot More
18-35-01 Carton form, fill and seal machine Elopak Pure pak P-S50 More
18-32-01 Visco rotors Schröder VR 3 More
18-26-02 Carton box forming machine Meca Systeme BMF40 More
18-23-01 Cooling tunnel for pallets in parts Joeler AG Kuehltunnel Cooling tunnel parts Under contract
18-20-02 Form fill seal machine Hassia THL 28/22 More
18-17-01 Mixproof valves manifold APV / Nocado Delta SD41 / Delta DEX34 / Butterfly valves Under contract
18-12-01 Cheese moulds Laude Micro perforated More
18-07-02 Butter foil wrapping and packing line Sig + Simon Freres FD140 + MFS85 Sold
18-03-02 Salt dosing and blending line Simon Freres MXT 2401104 More
17-51-01 Fully automatic collector, case erector and packer Bedo VA 6225 More
17-43-01 Cheese conveyer press and cheese moulds Klokslag / Laude Pawl conveyer press / Euroblok / Multiform bread More
17-39-01 Bottle-Jar filling line Hamba BF5012/2 Glass More
17-36-02 Complete PET bottle fill line with blow moulding and end of line packaging ADS / Procomac / Krones / Fanuc Sold
17-32-01 Fully automatic filling and wrapping machine Benhil 72 More
17-30-01 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Pasteurizer Schroder Kombinator WK250/2000-xz More
17-08-01 Universal Laboratory Reactor Wolff Apparatebau KG LRS III More
17-06-03 Bag form, fill and seal machine Roure TA (TUBOPAC-225) More
17-04-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Ampack Ammann AA4/4 – 75/95 More
17-02-02 Processed cheese cooker with creaming tank Damrow BU Cooker C556A More
16-51-02 Form fill seal machine for double chamber cups with tray former and packer Hassia THM 18/42 More
16-28-03 Cheese mixing drum Cabinplant Separatortromle More
16-25-01 Case Former Koch SKA 2400 More
16-22-02 Aseptic bottle filling line Ampack Ammann / Arol / Sleever International FA8 / EUROPK 288 More
16-16-02 Tray forming and packing machine PCA Packmaschinen TRF-4 / EA PFN-2 More
16-14-01 Curd transport system Waldner Continuous curd pump More
16-11-02 Cheese packing machine Alpma K-65/Ach More
16-11-01 Butter Cup filling machine Benhil 8205 Sold
16-01-01 Cup filling line for margarine Benhil 8270/215 More
15-52-02 Automatic wrap around packer Schäfer & Flottmann SFS 274 More
15-51-02 Sanitary Lobe pump APV Crepaco MC/4/292/10 Microbeclean More
15-36-01 Bottle filling and closing machine Remy 7024 R2-1 More
15-14-01 Tray forming and packing machine Breda Packaging Unipack 25 “T” + packer More
14-42-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK6004 UV-C More
14-09-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Waldner Dosomat 20-5 More
13-48-02 Case Former A + F 210 / 16 More
13-41-02 Cup filling and sealing machine Hamba BK 8008 More
13-35-02 Tubular flow sterilizer Stork DS 1525 More
13-29-02 Dosing unit PCM Dosys CA 078 More
13-26-02 Carton former, filler and sealer Ostermeier Tilsit 350 F More
13-13-02 Closed cheesevats Tebel Tebel-matic More
13-11-01 Cup filling and sealing machine Benhil 8205 More
12-39-02 Grinder Düker Rex AMW200 Sold

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