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Westfalia MSD 200 Separator

Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia ,  Type: MSD 200-01-076

Skimmer, self-cleaning. Including the following components: bowl, motor cover, feet, controls (no panel) and complete set of tools  including pressing tool.. Bowl speed 4650 rpm. Motor 30kW, 59A, 1470 rpm, 50 Hz. Excluding pneumatic back pressure valve skim milk, flowin...
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23-47-01 Westfalia MSD 200 Separator
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type: MSD 200-01-076
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23-46-02 Bucket filling and closing machine
Manufacturer: Miromatic
Type: MDA-2 EAS-2/10-1C2
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23-45-02 Quark separator
Manufacturer: Westfalia
Type: KDA30-02-177
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23-45-01 Cup filling and closing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Rotary 10.000/4
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23-43-02 APV TB+ 1000 Liquiverter
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: TB+1000
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23-42-02 Can closing machine
Manufacturer: Lubeca
Type: LW504G
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23-42-01 Crystalliser for margarine
Manufacturer: Schröder
Type: MK04/178-1200
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23-41-01 Cup filling and sealing machine
Manufacturer: BWI Fords Trepko Holmatic
Type: Ford Duckworth PR2-S
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23-40-01 Cheese packing machine
Manufacturer: Alpma
Type: V-64 / AV
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Under contract 23-36-01 Homogeniser
Manufacturer: Niro Soavi
Type: NS3110H
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23-34-02 Fresh cheese - Quark - Yoghurt separator
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type: KDB 45-02-076
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23-33-01 Scraped surface heat exchanger
Manufacturer: Crepaco/APV
Type: 1HRT-672
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23-32-01 Quark smoothing homogeniser
Manufacturer: Pierre Geurin
Type: ALM44
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23-31-01 High pressure piston pump
Manufacturer: APV
Type: 5151MCP-25-1TPS
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23-30-01 High viscous product pump with hopper
Manufacturer: Glass /SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
Type: SMG 1000 Puffer/ Waukesha 064 & 134
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23-29-01 Fruit Vacuum mix cookers
Manufacturer: Steiner
Type: Behalter MB 3000
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23-27-01 Ingredient mixers
Manufacturer: Tecnal
Type: MVF - Transmix 1200
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23-23-02 Vacuum filler
Manufacturer: Karl Schnell
Type: 595
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23-20-01 Twin spiral cooling tunnel
Manufacturer: DMA Fördertechnik
Type: Heliflex-Durchlaufkühler HDK/NFA
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23-14-02 Quark separator
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type: KDC 30-02-676
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23-13-01 Form fill-seal-machine
Manufacturer: Hassia
Type: THL 24/28
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23-12-01 Universal cutter-melter-cooker
Manufacturer: Stephan
Type: TC/HC 600
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Under contract 23-06-01 CIP Unit
Manufacturer: Diversey
Type: CIP Unit
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23-04-02 Sleeve machine for single cups
Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve
Type: CT 60
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23-02-02 Butter silo
Manufacturer: Simon Freres
Type: BAC 10000
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23-01-02 Tray sealing machine
Manufacturer: CFS
Type: CFS Star2 HS
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23-01-01 Rotary cup filler
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Rotary 12.000/4
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22-51-02 In-line traysealer
Manufacturer: Ilpra
Type: 1401 V/G Large
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