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Complete Tetra Laval Food Hoyer/ Big Drum cone ice cream preparation and packaging line

Manufacturer: Tetra Laval / Food Hoyer ,  Type: KF1150XC

Complete cup/cone ice cream line existing out of: 2x Hoyer Continuous ice cream freezer. Fully automatic operation is ensured by the advanced computerized control system which will result to a uniform quality, discharge temperature and quantity of the product. The machi...
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23-40-01 Cheese packing machine
Manufacturer: Alpma
Type: V-64 / AV
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Sold 23-39-02 Inline Emulgator
Manufacturer: Fryma
Type: Disho
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Under contract 23-36-01 Homogeniser
Manufacturer: Niro Soavi
Type: NS3110H
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23-33-01 Scraped surface heat exchanger
Manufacturer: Crepaco/APV
Type: 1HRT-672
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23-32-01 Quark smoothing homogeniser
Manufacturer: Pierre Geurin
Type: ALM44
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23-31-01 High pressure piston pump
Manufacturer: APV
Type: 5151MCP-25-1TPS
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Sold 23-30-01 High viscous product pump with hopper
Manufacturer: Glass /SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
Type: SMG 1000 Puffer/ Waukesha 064 & 134
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23-27-01 Ingredient mixers
Manufacturer: Tecnal
Type: MVF - Transmix 1200
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Sold 23-14-02 Quark separator
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type: KDC 30-02-676
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23-13-01 Form fill-seal-machine
Manufacturer: Hassia
Type: THL 24/28
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23-12-01 Universal cutter-melter-cooker
Manufacturer: Stephan
Type: TC/HC 600
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23-04-02 Sleeve machine for single cups
Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve
Type: CT 60
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23-02-02 Butter silo
Manufacturer: Simon Freres
Type: BAC 10000
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Sold 23-01-02 Tray sealing machine
Manufacturer: CFS
Type: CFS Star2 HS
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23-01-01 Rotary cup filler
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Rotary 12.000/4
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22-51-02 In-line traysealer
Manufacturer: Ilpra
Type: 1401 V/G Large
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22-47-02 Reconditioned valve manifold
Manufacturer: APV
Type: Valve manifold
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22-44-01 Aseptic homogeniser
Manufacturer: APV Schröder
Type: 2114MC45-5TPSX
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22-43-01 Butter homogeniser
Manufacturer: Benhil
Type: 8477 Microfix
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22-42-01 Butter reworker with pin mixers
Manufacturer: Rothenburg
Type: RBSX 1.5
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22-41-02 Universal mixer-melter-cooker
Manufacturer: Stephan
Type: UM/SK 40
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22-36-01 High pressure homogeniser
Manufacturer: Rannie
Type: Blue Top 58.79
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22-33-02 Powder dissolver
Manufacturer: Food Tech
Type: Cubic mixer
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22-31-02 Scraped heater – cooler set
Manufacturer: APV Crepaco
Type: SSHE
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22-29-02 Soft cheese cutting and stuffing machine
Manufacturer: Lekkerkerker
Type: Softcheese cutting – stuffing – and put back
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Sold 22-26-02 Infusion chamber
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: VTIS I-8
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22-19-01 High pressure homogeniser
Manufacturer: APV Gaulin
Type: MC120-3TPS
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22-16-02 Microcut
Manufacturer: Stephan
Type: MCH-D 40
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22-08-03 Visco rotor, colloid mill
Manufacturer: Schröder
Type: VR3
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22-05-02 22-05-02: Sterile air treatment system
Manufacturer: GEA Finnah
Type: Sterile air unit
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21-50-01 21-50-01: Fruit feeders
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: Hoyer FF 4000
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21-42-01 21-42-01: Oil separator
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: SRPX 714 HGV-74C-50
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