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Sleeve machine for single cups

Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve ,  Type: CT 60

Sleeve machine for single cups. The machine is loaded with flat sleeves. The sleeves are folded by pushing the cup against the sleeve and glued after folding. Including hotmelt Nordson model: 3100 with 1 hose. Including the operation manual, electric scheme and spare pa...
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23-04-02 Sleeve machine for single cups
Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve
Type: CT 60
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23-04-01 Separator
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type: MSA 200-01-076
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Sold 23-02-01 Butter Box filler
Manufacturer: Simon Freres
Type: Contistock
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23-01-01 Rotary cup filler
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Rotary 12.000/4
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Under contract 22-52-01 Complete pilot plant for UHT treatment of liquid foods
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: Tetra Therm Aseptik Pilot PTDI 300
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22-50-02 Universal cutter-melter-cooker
Manufacturer: Stephan
Type: UMM/SK 80E-II
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22-50-01 Vacuum batch emulgator
Manufacturer: Koruma
Type: DISHO V140/160
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22-46-01 Separator
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: HMRPX-718 HGV
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22-44-02 Form fill seal machine
Manufacturer: Hassia
Type: THL 28/22
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22-44-01 Aseptic homogeniser
Manufacturer: APV Schröder
Type: 2114MC45-5TPSX
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22-43-01 Butter homogeniser
Manufacturer: Benhil
Type: 8477 Microfix
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22-42-01 Butter reworker with pin mixers
Manufacturer: Rothenburg
Type: RBSX 1.5
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22-41-02 Universal mixer-melter-cooker
Manufacturer: Stephan
Type: UM/SK 40
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22-41-01 Indirect UHT unit with homogeniser
Manufacturer: GEA Finnah
Type: 6500 / 140
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Under contract 22-40-02 Quark separator
Manufacturer: Westfalia
Type: KDA30-02-177
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Under contract 22-40-01 Homogeniser
Manufacturer: Niro Soavi
Type: NS3110H
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22-37-01 Indirect UHT Unit with homogeniser and dearator
Manufacturer: GEA Tuchenhagen Dairy Systems
Type: 6400/140
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Under contract 22-36-02 Separators
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type: MSE 85-01-177
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22-36-01 High pressure homogeniser
Manufacturer: Rannie
Type: Blue Top 58.79
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22-19-01 High pressure homogeniser
Manufacturer: APV Gaulin
Type: MC120-3TPS
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22-18-01 Twin spiral cooling tunnel
Manufacturer: DMA Fördertechnik
Type: Heliflex-Durchlaufkühler HDK/NFA
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Under contract 22-12-01 Homogeniser with deaerator
Manufacturer: GEA - Niro Soavi
Type: NS3075HA
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