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Sleeve machine for single cups

Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve ,  Type: CT 60

Sleeve machine for single cups. The machine is loaded with flat sleeves. The sleeves are folded by pushing the cup against the sleeve and glued after folding. Including hotmelt Nordson model: 3100 with 1 hose. Including the operation manual, electric scheme and spare pa...
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23-04-02 Sleeve machine for single cups
Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve
Type: CT 60
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22-51-02 In-line traysealer
Manufacturer: Ilpra
Type: 1401 V/G Large
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22-50-01 Vacuum batch emulgator
Manufacturer: Koruma
Type: DISHO V140/160
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22-47-02 Reconditioned valve manifold
Manufacturer: APV
Type: Valve manifold
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22-33-02 Powder dissolver
Manufacturer: Food Tech
Type: Cubic mixer
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22-18-01 Twin spiral cooling tunnel
Manufacturer: DMA F├Ârdertechnik
Type: Heliflex-Durchlaufk├╝hler HDK/NFA
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Under contract 22-12-01 Homogeniser with deaerator
Manufacturer: GEA - Niro Soavi
Type: NS3075HA
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22-05-02 22-05-02: Sterile air treatment system
Manufacturer: GEA Finnah
Type: Sterile air unit
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22-02-02 22-02-02: Paddle mixer
Manufacturer: Palmia
Type: DB700
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21-50-01 21-50-01: Fruit feeders
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: Hoyer FF 4000
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21-20-01 21-20-01: Ice cream extruder
Manufacturer: Gram Equipment
Type: Cutter
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20-38-03 20-38-03: Ceramic filters
Manufacturer: Membralox
Type: Allcross UF
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19-47-02 19-47-02: Ribbon blenders
Manufacturer: Tecnal
Type: MVF - Transmix 1200
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