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Aseptic carton filling and packaging line

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak ,  Type: A3 flex

Aseptic carton filling and packaging machine line. Existing out the following main items: Filling machine (A3 Flex) Accumulator ACHX30, Sidel Gebo Opti Feed, Capper (40 flex) and cardboard packer (32). The total line has only: 2.520 production hours. The Tetra Pak A3fle...
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23-43-02 APV TB+ 1000 Liquiverter
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: TB+1000
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23-27-01 Ingredient mixers
Manufacturer: Tecnal
Type: MVF - Transmix 1200
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Sold 23-23-02 Vacuum filler
Manufacturer: Karl Schnell
Type: 595
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23-20-01 Twin spiral cooling tunnel
Manufacturer: DMA F├Ârdertechnik
Type: Heliflex-Durchlaufk├╝hler HDK/NFA
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23-04-02 Sleeve machine for single cups
Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve
Type: CT 60
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22-51-02 In-line traysealer
Manufacturer: Ilpra
Type: 1401 V/G Large
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22-47-02 Reconditioned valve manifold
Manufacturer: APV
Type: Valve manifold
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22-33-02 Powder dissolver
Manufacturer: Food Tech
Type: Cubic mixer
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22-05-02 22-05-02: Sterile air treatment system
Manufacturer: GEA Finnah
Type: Sterile air unit
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21-50-01 21-50-01: Fruit feeders
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: Hoyer FF 4000
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21-20-01 21-20-01: Ice cream extruder
Manufacturer: Gram Equipment
Type: Cutter
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20-38-03 20-38-03: Ceramic filters
Manufacturer: Membralox
Type: Allcross UF
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