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High pressure pump used for margarine emulsion

Manufacturer: Schröder Kombinator ,  Type: PK 03 45/ 18.5 EF

High pressure pump used for margarine emulsion. The conveying pump is a 3 piston pump with 3 suction valves. Maximum pressure: 70 bar. 3 Pistons, piston diameter: 25 mm. Stainless steel cladded. Overpressure valve 75 Bar. Current motor power 18,5 Kw - 37 A - n1: 1470 rp...
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24-07-01 Premier Tech Chronos Richardson Milk powder bag filling line
Manufacturer: Premier Tech Chronos Richardson
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24-03-01 Rotary filler
Manufacturer: Benhil
Type: 8205
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Sold 23-46-02 Bucket filling and closing machine
Manufacturer: Miromatic
Type: MDA-2 EAS-2/10-1C2
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23-45-01 Cup filling and closing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Rotary 10.000/4
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23-42-02 Can closing machine
Manufacturer: Lubeca
Type: LW504G
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23-41-01 Cup filling and sealing machine
Manufacturer: BWI Fords Trepko Holmatic
Type: Ford Duckworth PR2-S
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23-01-02 Tray sealing machine
Manufacturer: CFS
Type: CFS Star2 HS
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23-01-01 Rotary cup filler
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Rotary 12.000/4
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19-41-02 19-41-02: Cupfilling and sealing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald - Hittpac
Type: AKH-059/3
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