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Complete pilot plant for UHT treatment of liquid foods

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak ,  Type: Tetra Therm Aseptik Pilot PTDI 300

Complete flexible research pilot plant for UHT treatment of liquid foods. Heating / cooling methods: 1: indirect heating/cooling in plate heat exchangers, 2: indirect heating/cooling in tubular heat exchangers. 3: indirect heating/cooling in combination of plate and tub...
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22-28-02 Linear continuous cup filler
Manufacturer: Gasti
Type: Dogatherm 41S
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22-28-01 Rotary cup filler
Manufacturer: Waldner
Type: Dosomat 1.1
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22-25-02 Aseptic bottle filling line
Manufacturer: Ampack Ammann
Type: FA8
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22-23-01 Can closing machine
Manufacturer: Lubeca
Type: LW504G
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22-01-01 22-01-01: Rotary cup filler
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Rotary 12.000/4
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21-41-02 21-41-02: Aseptic inline dosing unit
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Arom Pak AB
Type: FDU 2000 for UHT applications
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19-49-02 19-49-02: Cup filling and sealing machine
Manufacturer: BWI Fords Trepko Holmatic
Type: Ford Duckworth PR2-S
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19-41-02 19-41-02: Cupfilling and sealing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald - Hittpac
Type: AKH-059/3
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18-40-01 18-40-01: Cup filling and closing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Foodliner FL6000/4
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13-29-02 13-29-02: Dosing unit
Manufacturer: PCM Dosys
Type: CA 078
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