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Sleeve machine for single cups

Manufacturer: PFS-Smartsleeve ,  Type: CT 60

Sleeve machine for single cups. The machine is loaded with flat sleeves. The sleeves are folded by pushing the cup against the sleeve and glued after folding. Including hotmelt Nordson model: 3100 with 1 hose. Including the operation manual, electric scheme and spare pa...
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23-01-02 Tray sealing machine
Manufacturer: CFS
Type: CFS Star2 HS
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23-01-01 Rotary cup filler
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Rotary 12.000/4
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22-44-02 Form fill seal machine
Manufacturer: Hassia
Type: THL 28/22
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22-28-02 Linear continuous cup filler
Manufacturer: Gasti
Type: Dogatherm 41S
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22-28-01 Rotary cup filler
Manufacturer: Waldner
Type: Dosomat 1.1
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22-25-02 Aseptic bottle filling line
Manufacturer: Ampack Ammann
Type: FA8
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22-23-01 Can closing machine
Manufacturer: Lubeca
Type: LW504G
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19-49-02 19-49-02: Cup filling and sealing machine
Manufacturer: BWI Fords Trepko Holmatic
Type: Ford Duckworth PR2-S
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19-41-02 19-41-02: Cupfilling and sealing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald - Hittpac
Type: AKH-059/3
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18-40-01 18-40-01: Cup filling and closing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Foodliner FL6000/4
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