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Complete pilot plant for UHT treatment of liquid foods

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak ,  Type: Tetra Therm Aseptik Pilot PTDI 300

Complete flexible research pilot plant for UHT treatment of liquid foods. Heating / cooling methods: 1: indirect heating/cooling in plate heat exchangers, 2: indirect heating/cooling in tubular heat exchangers. 3: indirect heating/cooling in combination of plate and tub...
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19-47-02 19-47-02: Ribbon blenders
Manufacturer: Tecnal
Type: MVF - Transmix 1200
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19-46-01 19-46-01: Margarine machine
Manufacturer: Gerstenberg & Agger
Type: Perfector 1x105
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19-45-02 19-45-02: Butter reworker
Manufacturer: Simon Freres
Type: Bac Broyeur BCC 25/380
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19-41-02 19-41-02: Cupfilling and sealing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald - Hittpac
Type: AKH-059/3
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19-38-02 19-38-02: Separator
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type:  MRPX 514 HGV-74C
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Sold 19-31-01 19-31-01: Homogeniser
Manufacturer: Rannie
Type: BT 50.79H
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19-17-01 19-17-01: Margarine machine
Manufacturer: Schröder
Type: MK04/120-820
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18-40-01 18-40-01: Cup filling and closing machine
Manufacturer: Grunwald
Type: Foodliner FL6000/4
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18-37-01 18-37-01: Butter oil separator
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: MRPX 313 HGV - 14 H - 21
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18-32-01 18-32-01: Visco rotors
Manufacturer: Schröder
Type: VR 3
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17-08-01 17-08-01: Universal Laboratory Reactor
Manufacturer: Wolff Apparatebau KG
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Cheese mixing drum  - Type - Separatortromle 16-28-03 16-28-03: Cheese mixing drum
Manufacturer: Cabinplant
Type: Separatortromle
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16-16-02 16-16-02: Tray forming and packing machine
Manufacturer: PCA Packmaschinen
Type: TRF-4 / EA PFN-2
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Curd transport system - Type - Continuous curd pump 16-14-01 16-14-01: Curd transport system
Manufacturer: Waldner
Type: Wrongel transportpomp
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15-52-02 15-52-02: Automatic wrap around packer
Manufacturer: Schäfer & Flottmann
Type: SFS 274
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Sanitary Lobe pump - APV Crepaco - MC/4/292/10 Microbeclean 15-51-02 15-51-02: Sanitary Lobe pump
Manufacturer: APV Crepaco
Type: MC/4/292/10 Microbeclean
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15-14-01 15-14-01: Tray forming and packing machine
Manufacturer: Breda Packaging
Type: Unipack 25 “T” + packer
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13-29-02 13-29-02: Dosing unit
Manufacturer: PCM Dosys
Type: CA 078
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