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Stephan UMM/SK 130 E-II Universal cutter-mixer-cooker / APV Gaulin High pressure pump

Universal vertical  cutter/melter/cooker with vacuum system suitbale for processed cheese and vegan spreads. Complete with APV Gaulin 158MC4-5TBS high pressure pump and Netzsch 2NL-40A  Screw pump. Stephan UMM/SK 130 E-II: The main product bowl is double jacketed for cooling or heating and has 4 Built in ports for injecting steam directly into the bowl.  Water dosing system with water meter, vacuum connection and deaeration-, overpresure valve and manometer on the cover, separate vacuum pump. PT-100 sensor in the bowl. Steam supply line with liquid separator and and filter. hydraulicunit cylinder for cover lid opening top.  The main lid has 3 clamps manual tightening. 2 agitators: 1 scraper agitator (26rpm) and 1 homogenize knife, main motor 11/15/22 kW, 31/,2/44 A, 720/1470/2940 rpm, 50Hz. Outfeed on the side with pneumatic valve. Pressure in bowl vacuum (-1bar) up to + 1,5 bar overpressure, max temp: 127°C. Freestanding SS Control cabinet, controls Siemens S7. Including set spare parts. Documentation (in German) operating manual - electrical diagram - (spare) parts list.

APV Gaulin 158MC4-5TBS high pressure pump-stage with manual pressure control. 3 Pistons, piston diameter: 32 mm, Stainless steel cladded. Connections: 2x 1,5" Din. Current motor power: 7,5 Kw - 14,7A. and oil circulation pump 0,37kW. Maximum pressure in current confirguration with this motor to 250 bar. Freestanding control panel. Overpressure valve (336bar). Manometer on highest perssure. Total dimensions: 100 x 95 x 145 cm, weigth: 770 kg.

Netzsch 2NL-40A Screw pump. Stator diameter 40 mm.  Stator length 450 mm. 5 Windings. Current motor: 2,2 kW - 5,1 A - n1 1.410 rpm - i = 66-122rpm n2 = pump speed by mechanical variable reductor. Manual by-pass valve. Frame mounted. Connections: (in) 2,5/2 '' Din / (out) 1,5'' Din. Total dimensions: 228 x 50 x 55 cm.


Offer number
115 liter, effective capacity: 86 liter per batch
Year of construction
Serial number
K 717.186.01
11/15/22 kW, 31/,2/44 A, 720/1470/2940 rpm,
300 x 80 x 210 cm
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The Netherlands

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