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21-38-01: 2x Double jacketed process tanks

Manufacturer: Kronjysk Stäl a/s,  Type: Horizontal proces tank with scrape agitator

Two double jacketed process tanks. Two horizontal identical tanks. Including scraper agitator. Pressure in jacket: 4,5 bar. Pressure in tanks: -1/3 bar. Max and minimal temperature: -10/150 °C. Product outlet: 2,5'', SMS and outlet height: 50 cm. Including pneumatic valves. Connections for: temperature sensors, high and low level. 3 CIP spray bowls. Manhole in top, round with a diameter of 45 cm. 4 Adjustable feet with 4 loadcells. Inside dimensions of the tanks: Ø 150 m and length 210 cm. On request we can also deliver new solid plastic scrapers as spare parts for both tanks, excluded in the current price. 

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