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Fresh cheese - Quark - Yoghurt separator

Fresh cheese - Quark - Yoghurt separator. Nozzle separator suitable for the production of: Quark/Fresh cheese, Greek style yoghurts, strained yoghurts, Labaneh, Labneh and Skyr, Dry matter adjustable by nozzle size and chosen flow between 15-22%. Input milk capacity: 7.000 up to 15.000 liter per hour. The separator separates fermented skim milk in heavy fase, whey and  light phase, curd/yoghurts to concentrate the protein by a nozzle system. Ratio input / output between 2 and 3 liter for 1 liter of concentrated product. CIP cleanable. Water cooled motor: 45 kW. Including: all auxiliary equipment around the separator. Double inlet filters,  feed flow control for infeed skim milk. Closed design with sterile air filter and vacuum system for extended shelf life of the product.  Back pressure valve for whey. Flow transmitter, vibro sensor and a free standing control panel with Siemens S5 and Westfalia operators screen. quark funnel (CIP cleanable). Including a drain valve and a quark screw pump, the hopper and part of the tools. Next to the separator also included: Water filter on inlet of water. The product plate cooler, 2 sections, GEA Ahlborn model: VT40 LOCIN. The plate cooler is used to cool the product and stop fermentation.  Valves for cooling by city water and ice water. With its own outfeed eccentric screw quark pump (Netzsch, eccentric pump). With by-pass valve, outfeed pipe long bend to have a minimum pressure in the cooler with interconnecting piping between pump/cooler and valves. Excluding motor control cabinet (MCC). 


Offer number
GEA Westfalia
KDB 45-02-076
up to 3.000 kg product out
Year of construction
Serial number
1725 x 2231 x 1796 mm
Terms of delivery
The Netherlands

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