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UHT line for sterilizing processed cheese

This UHT line is an installation for sterilizing processed cheese. The unit heats the product by steam injection from 80°C to max 146°C and cools it down by flash cooling in a combine cooling and creaming vat with vacuum system to 95/85°C. The line consists of the following components:  1) Feed pump (lobe pump make: Fristam model: FKL, 63/h to rapidly empty the cooker) with hose to connect to the cooker (cooker itself is not included, was running with a Stephan model: UMM130/± 95ltr/batch).  2) Buffer reservoir of 200ltr; double jacketed with scraper agitator, masterpump (eccentric screw pump) and centrifugal CIP pump.  3) High heating module (double head with holding tube) - 4) flash cooling and creaming tank (total volume: 260ltr max filling 180ltr, with vacuum system, water cooled condensor on inlet of vacuum pump,  drain (lobe) pump, CIP pump and a viscosity measurement system.  A double filter is placed on the outlet. The unit is placed on 4 frames, with all interconnecting piping, flowtransmitters, sensors and valves. Controls by Siemens PLC, Siemens HMI screen (language Dutch - English - German). Workinging principle: The masterpump continuously transports the product from the storage tank to further processing. In the next high heating module, the sterilization of the product takes place by direct steam injection. In the subsequent warming process, the sterilization temperature is kept constant for a certain period of time. The counter-pressure valve installed at the end of the heating section serves to adjust the pressure required to reach the sterilization temperature. To ensure that only properly sterilized product is sent for further processing, a diverter valve is installed after the pressure-maintaining valve, which directs the product into a rework reservoir during subsequent relaxation or when the predetermined high heating temperature falls below. In the combined flash cooling and creaming tank, the product is cooled to the temperature required for further processing. This is done by relaxing the pressure associated with the temperature. The steam created during expansion is precipitated in the condensor and discharged via the vacuumpump. Depending ont the level and speed of the agitator, an increase in viscosity (creaming) of the product takes place via the creaming wing. The integrated wiper prevents the product from sticking to the wall of the tank. The drain pump located under the reservoir transports the product to the unit behind it. The creaming can be controlled and, if necessary, adjusted via the viscosity measuring device mounted on the reservoir. That can be influenced by adjusting the speed of the agitator and the level. The unit is complete with all documentation.


Offer number
100-500 kg/ hour
Year of construction
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820 x 340 x 250 cm
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The Netherlands

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