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16-01-01: Cup filling line for margarine

Manufacturer: Benhil, Type: 8270/215

Cup filling line for margarine  - Type - 8270/215


4 Lane cup filling machine for margarine with manual cup infeed system, cup control, main piston doser (CIP cleanable, margarine design) with compensator, heated cutting wire, snap cap cover station and interconnecting conveyor to the wraparound packer with a pack scheme of 2x3x4 @ 500 gram / 2x3x8 @ 250 gram, Nordson 3500 hotmelt unit, splitter 2 by 2 and outfeed conveyor for the carton boxes. Controls Siemens S5 PLC. Instructions manuals available.


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Offer number 16-01-01 16-01-01
Quantity 1 1
Description Cup filling line for margarine
Manufacturer Benhil Automation und Fordertechnik (A&F)
Type 8270/215 720-4-23W4/8
Capacity 13.200 cups/hour 350 cartons/hour
Product Margarine
Dimensions packaging Ø 127 mm, 250-500 gram Wrap around cartons: 2x3x4 (500 gram) or 2x3x8 (250 gram)
Year of manufacture 1998 1998
Serial number A97-549A 97 090A
Power ± 31 kW, 3x 400 V, 50 Hz, Ground, Neutral
Weight 4.500 kg
Conditions Excellent, still in factory, available per direct
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) ± 10 x 2,50 x 3,50 mtr
Terms of delivery EXW
Location Slovakia, Europe

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