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18-46-01: Cheese draining and pre-press vat

Manufacturer: MKT, Type: Presswanne

Cheese draining and pre-press vat - Type - Presswanne


Rectangular SS draining and pre-pressing vat (draining vessel) for cheese. Drainage through the side by SS perforated plates and through the bottom by micro perforated carpet. Draining surface: 10,75 m², Total volume 6.000 liter suitable for 1.000 to 1.700kg cheese depending of height cheese blocks. Pre-pressing of the curd over the total surface controlled by 2 electric chain hoists, after pressing automatic transport of the curd by roll on the bottom carpet and automatic cutting device for blocks of cheese with push off bar and manual filling of the cheese moulds. Curd block length and width adjustable, 4 knifes included. Controls renewed in 2008 with Hitachi PLC. Including compressible end plate to adjust length of curd bed.


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Offertenummer 18-46-01
Aantal stuks 1
Omschrijving machine Cheese draining and pre-press vat
Merk MKT
Type Presswanne
Capaciteit up to 1.000-1.700 kg curd per batch
Bouwjaar 1997
Revisiejaar 2008
Serienummer Unknown
Gewicht ± 5.000 kg
Conditie Good
Afmetingen (LxBxH) ± 9,50 x 2,70 x 5,00 mtr
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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