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19-45-02: Butter reworker

Manufacturer: Simon Freres, Type: Bac Broyeur BCC 25/380

Butter reworker  - Type - Bac Broyeur BCC 25/380


Butter reworker for cooled butter blocks of 10-25 kg. Minimum infeed temperature approx. -5°C (estimated). Partly double jacketed for tempering the butter by hot water. Butter infeed through manhole (infeed table included), 2 heavy augers with drive motor 11 kW and reductor, pushes butter through a raster of knives and second set pushes the butter to the outfeed where a twin screw pump/rework unit with a motor of 22 kW reworks and pumps the butter out. Whole unit CIP cleanable, outfeed product pipe 4” double jacketed. Control panel with frequency converter. Excluding CIP return pump.


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Offer number 19-45-02
Description Butter reworker
Manufacturer Simon Freres
Type Bac Broyeur BCC 25/380
Capacity up to 5.000 kg per hour deping on butter tempererature
Year of manufacture 1992
Power 11 kW + 22Kw
Weight 6650 kg
Conditions Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 625 x 170 x 230 cm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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