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20-02-03: Process Tank

Manufacturer: Veenbrink, Type: A10 Cream maturation tank

Process Tank  - Type - A10 Cream maturation tank


Double jacketed tank, can be used for yoghurt fermentation, cream maturing or other food processing which requires heat – cooling and gentle stirring.  Material of the tank: SS316. Top driven fence-shaped slow turning agitator.  The double jacketed is spiral shaped pressure in jacket: -1/+3 bar and has two connections at the bottom and side of tank. The side bottom are also insulated. Conical bottom with 1 valve for in and outlet of product, size 2,5’’ with pneumatic actuator, outlet height of 45 cm to the bottom. Pressure transmitter and Alfa laval valve on outlet. Including connections for: temperature sensor, pressure transmitter, high and low level. Under pressure breather, 2 CIP spray bowls. Manhole in top. 4 adjustable feet. Temperature max. 100°C. Inside diameter 230 cm and height 220 cm. 


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Offer number 20-02-03
Description Process Tank
Manufacturer Veenbrink
Type A10 Cream maturation tank
Capacity 8.000 liter
Year of manufacture 2001
Serial number 375 CW 1
Power Fench agitator, motor 4 kW, n1 1420 rpm, n2: 26,5 rpm, 8,5 Amp
Weight +- 2.200 kg
Conditions Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) Diameter 250 cm and height 382 cm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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