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20-13-02: Butter homogeniser

Manufacturer: Benhil, Type: 8477 Microfix

Butter homogeniser  - Type - 8477 Microfix


Butter homogenizer / reworker to handle the butter at temperatures as low as  -2°C average depending on butter consistancy. Making the butter from coldstorage packable and place it on an automatic packaging machine and at the same time improving the quality by ensuring finest water dispersion resulting in an increased shell of life, better spreadability and no moisture loses. Machine has aluminium through and augers. The stainless steel rotor has 16 blades and the outfeed is extended. The machine has been reconditioned and upgraded approx 10 years ago. Excluding control cabinet and documentation.


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Offer number 20-13-02
Description Butter homogeniser
Manufacturer Benhil
Type 8477 Microfix
Capacity up to 3.000 kg per hour
Year of manufacture 1983
Serial number 477/33
Power motor 5,5 kW for infinitely variable drive for the feed worms with electromagnetic clutch and a 45 kW rotor drive (homogeniser).
Weight ± 2.500 kg
Conditions Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) ± 350 x 250 x 240 cm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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