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20-36-02: Complete cheese plant

Manufacturer: SPX, Tetra Pak, Klokslag , Type: Gouda Euroblock 15kg each cheese 50x30x10cm.

Complete cheese plant  - Type - Gouda Euroblock 15kg each cheese 50x30x10cm.


Complete cheese plant. Existing of: 5 milk reception station, complete milk an whey processing system. 2xMilk Thermisation, 1 x skimmer MRPX518-hgv. Cheese milk pasteurizer with double bactofugation BBRPX618-hgv, bactofugat Sterilizer. Creampasteuriser, 2 creamtanks 30T cream dispatch. Cheese line with 5 x Curd vats SPX Curdmaster, 2x Buffertank, Tetra SC Casomatic 5 columns upgraded with whey backflush system, cheese moulds Euroblock, 5 Cheese presses, mould storage, mould turning, washing, weighing, conveyors, 22 brining cages. Chemical and salt dosing to brine, in and outfloat system. Full automatic loading and vacuum foil forming and vacuum packaging machine (Multivac), metal detector, checkweigher, dimensions checker and Robot (Fanuc)  putting cheese in storage boxes. Complete whey treatment and concentration system including whey storage tanks, whey clarifier mrpx417, vibration sieve, 2 x mrpx618-hgv skimmers, whey cream pasteuriser. Evaporator 4 stage TVR up to 11%, Whey pasteurizer. Next to ripening in the box also Natural ripening department is available for a part of the production (500T total storage capacity) full automatic (Ledoux) with air treatment units, shelfs washing and cheese coating machinery. 2 Culture preparation system, 2 CIP units for processing part and cheese. Cream, whey and feed dispatch stations, All tanks for rawmilk, cream, whey, salt, coating, cip, hot and cold water, lye-acid concentrate. Cooling compressors Nh3 piston make Grasso, all pumps, piping, valves, cabling, (ventilation, icebank, air, steam, water treatment = excluded) Flowcharts, electric schemes, software, documentation, Controls details: Cheese line partly Siemens S7, processing TI PC3 partly upgraded with wonderware scada system. 6 operators needed.


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Offer number 20-36-02
Description Complete cheese plant
Manufacturer SPX, Tetra Pak, Klokslag
Type Gouda Euroblock 15kg each cheese 50x30x10cm.
Capacity 37.500 up to 42.000ltr/h cheese milk per hour input x 18,5h
Year of manufacture Curd vats: 2009, casomatic, presses, brine system: 2001, vacuum packer: 2015 creamtanks: 1994
Serial number Various
Conditions Excellent
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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