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21-09-02: Culture preparation department

Manufacturer: Holvrieka, Type: Culture tanks

Culture preparation department  - Type - Culture tanks


Culture preparation department. Existing out of: 2 Preparation tanks where the mother culture is dosed into the cooked milk. Both tanks are double jacketed (heating and cooling), insulated, hermetical closed for sterile air and got an agitator. 1 tank has a slight damaged jacket. After preparation the culture is pumped to 2 distribution tanks. Both tanks are double jacketed for heating and cooling, insulated and with an agitator. Including 2 pumps and 2 flowtransmitters (E&H) to pump the culture in the milk line. Plate heat exchanger, 2 sections to heat or cool the milk before it is pumped into the tank. Hot water preparation set to make hot water from steam. 4 transfer and CIP return pumps and approx. 51 valves (partly mix proof) for product and water etc. Collecting tank for rest products. Lay-out and P&ID available. 


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Offer number 21-09-02
Description Culture preparation department
Manufacturer Holvrieka
Capacity Preparation tank: 4.000 liter. Distribution tank: 4.000 liter
Year of manufacture Unknown
Serial number Unknown
Power Agitator in tanks: 2.2 kW
Conditions Good, had been running untill October 2020.
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) Full lay-out available on request.
Terms of delivery FCA, including dismantling
Location South-east of The Netherlands. Can be visited on request.

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