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21-11-01: Complete Cornetto line

Manufacturer: Gram - Big Drum - Cama, Type: Complete Cornetto line

Complete Cornetto line  - Type - Complete Cornetto line


Complete cornetto production, freezing and packing line. Existing out of: freezer and filling machine for cornetto cones. Working principle: cone destacking, dosing of chocolate, ice dosing station 1 with 6 or 12 crown, ice dosing station 2 with 6 or 12 crown, dosing of ice cream sauce, dosing of nuts. Close the cone by adding a carton and folding of the foil around the carton. Walking frame in front of the cornetto machine. Robot 01 for transport the Cornetto’s to the freezing tunnel belt (make Gram, pack scheme: 6x6), freezing tunnel with temperature: -41 °C (make Gram, controls renewed in 2011), robot 02 for transport the Cornetto’s to the lay-down station (make Big Drum, year 2000, pack scheme: 8x6). Robot 03 for alternately lay down station (make Big Drum, year 1994, pack scheme: 8x8), carton packer, (48 positions in total, 8 cartons with 6 pieces, 12 cartons with 4 pieces, 6 cartons with 8 pieces or 6 cartons with 2 layers of 8 pieces each, total 16 per carton). Box closing machine with Nordson hot glue device. Including all interconnecting conveyors and piping. A lot of spare parts such as servo motors or machine plates. Controls. Documentation, electric scheme, flow scheme, lay-out and spare parts manuals. A video of the working line can be found on our website. 


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Offer number 21-11-01 21-11-02 21-11-03
Description Freezer Filling machine Box closing
Manufacturer Gram Big Drum Cama
Type FCF-18-SS.A2.C-AF Model 1 Modul filler 3.6-6 CD59
Capacity 2.400 liter per hour 18.000 pcs per hour – 300 per minute
Year of manufacture 1996 1991 1997
Serial number 84-060-1089 044 001 091 96245 CD59
Power NH3 380 V - 50 Hz - 5 kW 380 V – 50 Hz – 10 kW
Conditions Excellent, still in production till week 37-2021
Terms of delivery EXW
Location Belgium

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