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21-14-01: Homogeniser and pasteuriser for cream

Manufacturer: APV, Type: G15-3,0 P

Homogeniser and pasteuriser for cream  - Type - G15-3,0 P


Homogenizer and pasteurizer set for cream. Have been producing together previously in the factory. Highlights pasteurizer: skid mounted pasteurizer for cream existing out of: centrifugal infeed pump for product (1,5 kW), balance tank and a heat exchanger with 4 sections (make: APV, regeneration, heat, cooling or reheating), centrifugal booster pump (3 kW), flowmeter and 2 hotwater sets (brazed heat exchangers, steam/hotwater, 2 hot water circulation pumps of 0,75 kW and 2 Bürkert steam regulation valves), holding tube (1,5'' pipe, ± 13 meter = 12 liter = 22 seconds @ 2.000 ltr/h), swing bend panel for infeed and oufeed lines (not all piping of swing bend panel connected) and controls (Siemens S7) with HMI screen and temperature recoder (Jumo). Temperature cycle: in (4°C) - regeneration - outlet to homogenizer (65°C) - regeneration - heating - holding - out (through swing bend panel) or regeneration - cooling (4°C) or reheating (45°C) by same section with manual stop valves. CIP cleanable. Highlights homogenizer: High pressure homogenizer. 2 stages with manual pressure control. 3 pistons, piston diameter: 35 mm and stroke: 57 mm. Stainless steel cladded. Connections: 1,5" DIN. Freestanding control panel. Including overpressure valve and bypass valve. Manometer on inlet. Manometer on first and second stage. Flow switch on cooling water. Connection for pulsation damper on inlet/outlet (damper itself excluded). Including operational manual and sparts list in English language.


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Offer number 21-14-01 21-14-02
Description Homogeniser Pasteuriser
Manufacturer APV TEWES-BIS
Type G15-3,0 P UPS
Capacity 2.100 liter per hour 2.000 liter per hour
Year of manufacture 2007 2007
Serial number 2-07,433 200-4031
Power Current motor power: 15 kW and maximum pressure in current confirguration with this motor 200 bar. Total of all pumps: 6 kW
Conditions Good Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 190 x 130 x 200 cm. 180 x 290 x 240 cm
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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