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21-21-01: Cheese filling and pressing line

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak/De Klokslag, Type: Casomatic SC/T-64

Cheese filling and pressing line  - Type - Casomatic SC/T-64


Cheese filling and pressing line. Standard size, Euroblock 15kg (size:30x50x10cm). The line is located in the Netherlands and was in production  until the 1st of October. It is still assembled and visible in the factory on request. Full automatic cheese mould filler. Make: Tetra Pak, type: Casomatic SC. This unit has an upgraded whey circulation/backflush system and high capacity sieves (High cap). Every column has a whey circulation pump and pressure sensors. After filling the curd in the moulds, the moulds go into the full automatic pressing system. Existing out of: 5 Cheese presses with 144 moulds each. After pressing there is an automatic handling system: cover taking - mould turning – cheese outblow device -cheese weighing, cheese conveyor, mould cleaning tunnel (with ventilator, pumps, dosingpump, heating), mould turning back, for refilling and transport the covers and placing back on the mould. Including a mould storage system with automatic stacking and destacking. All 820 microperforated Laude moulds are in the mould storage during cleaning of the press. The cheese press area has its own CIP unit with 3 tanks of 8.000, 8.000 and 3.000ltr and feed and return pumps. A flush/spray hot water tank of 2.000ltr. The Casomatic and De Klokslag pressing systems are controlled by Siemens S7 PLC system with a Scada system and they are well documented. Including all interconnecting pumps, valves, sensors, cables and part of the piping (where possible to dismantle). Flowcharts, lay-outs, electric schemes, operating and parts manuals, software are all available on request.


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Offer number 21-21-01
Description Cheese mould filler Cheese press
Manufacturer Tetra Pak De Klokslag
Type Casomatic SC T-64
Capacity up to 5.000kg/h every 55sec 6 moulds. 5.000kg per hour
Product Gouda, Edam, goat, lowfat, maasdam, cagliata or other semi hard cheeses
Year of manufacture 2000 2001
Serial number 6214 20 D05 2000016
Conditions Excellent Excellent
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) Full lay-out available
Terms of delivery FCA
Location The Netherlands

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